Jason Kessler goes to bat for "The Dangerous Faggot"?

Twinks for Milo. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

Milo, is known by white nationalists as the "black cock supremacist". They actually love to support Milo at arms length because his overly flambouyant gay schtick has been useful to them in combatting the "racist" charge. Milo has been hiding behind the rainbow flag as a shield, so that he can help expand the conversation in our society to include the voices of real life Nazis. Now that the cat is out of the bag, the Nazis no longer have any use for the "Dangerous Faggot". This is the same guy who bathed in pigs blood and headlined an event titled "Twinks For Trump", where he stood in front of pictures of questionably aged "boys" in MAGA hats, in various states of undress. This is the new Christian Conservatism, didn't you know? Welcome to Donald Trump's America, where pedophilia is no big deal...

Restoring the honor!


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