Jason Kessler claims "slander" by Wes Bellamy's attorney and the news media...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

"Slander". Now there's a word that I'm positive Kessler knows the definition of. When this is all over, I really do hope that Wes Bellamy pursues legal action against the racist cabal who are secretly coordinating to destroy him. His attorney should most definitely have all electronic communications subpoenaed. If nothing else, it would connect all of the dots so that everyone can see who is behind this whole effort. Not that we really need validation of who is behind this. Kessler has made a wide range of definitive statements about Mr. Bellamy publicly, almost all of which he has offered no proof, and I hope Mr. Bellamy (and his attorney) don't forget that.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Kessler and Stewart need not worry when America's most well known Neo-Nazi has their back:



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