It's a fine line between mainstream Conservatism and pedophilia...

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Indeed! Lest we forget...

(Image courtesy of Breitbart)

Restoring the honor!


  1. Her remark on Pizzagate, is she insinuating there's something there?

    1. I mean, the great thing is that they buy the whole "Fake News" narrative yet they are open to real life fake news like Pizzagate. I can't speak for her, but her words should be some indication as to what she believes. Fake News has been distorted so badly that real news is fake and fake news is real. I'm not fan of the mainstream media. They do a horrible job, but at the same time, Pizzagate is a reminder of how crazy these times are that we are living under.

      Just yesterday, I corrected one news story which said that the Virginia Flaggers were continuing the non-existent legal battle in Charlottesville, and earlier today I took a journalist to task over their insistence that Brian Rowsey had filed a lawsuit in Lexington when he told me personally that he had not. In 2017, #NothingMatters


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