Have You Seen Me?: A preview of Corey Stewart's Charlottesville shitshow...

Please note: The following individuals have all indicated that they are, or may participate in Virginia gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart's shitshow in Charlottesville. Please keep your eyes open for all of them. If you spot them, document it.

Dennis Durham, State Chairman of the League of the South, a white nationalist hate group.

Kevin Walker

Gregory "Stonewall Jackson" Randall

Donna and George Randall

Chris Burnham host of the white nationalist podcast The Right Voice

Nous Defions

(All images courtesy of Facebook)

If you spot any of these faces in Charlottesville, Virginia today at Corey Stewart's shitshow, please document it and email us at rblee22468@gmail.com

Restoring the honor!


  1. It should also be noted that Chris Burnham has a British accent. He poses as credentialed news media. He may have a generic looking press pass which reads "TRV Media". TRV stands for "The Right Voice", which is the name of his podcast. He is not a journalist. He is a white nationalist podcaster. He was present at Stone Mountain last year at the "Rock Stone Mountain" event posing as a journalist.

    1. Correction: Chris Burnham of The Right Voice is considered to be a journalist as far as the Supreme Court considers bloggers to be journalists in relation to First Amendment rights. The declaration that he is not a journalist was an oversight at the time. I apologize for the confusion and retract the previous statement.

    2. For more on this, read here: https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/01/us-court-bloggers-are-journalists/283225/

  2. Gregory, George and Donna Randall all made appearances. Gregory has admitted to being a member of the white nationalist hate group, the League of the South. His brother George and his wife Donna were both present at the South Carolina Secessionist Party's first annual flag raising last summer in Columbia, SC. George was observed having a conversation with Kyle Rogers, former webmaster of the white nationalist hate group, the Council of Conservative Citizens. He had the LOSers black cross flag patch on his jean jacket at the time. Both brothers are members of closed Facebook groups for the League.


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