Hate Not Heritage: Take it from our good friend Maeve Magdalen, white supremacy is nothing to be ashamed of...

Ain't no shame in her game! (Image courtesy of Facebook)

And then, of course, there is this...

Yeah, that's "merely" all it is. You know? Just owning another human being... (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Hey, and look at that. Maybe the press can talk to Maeve about her views, when she shows up to Corey Stewart's shitshow in Charlottesville this coming Tuesday? That is, if she shows (because she's only a maybe right now.) 

Queen of Bezerkely, Maeve Magdalen might be going to Corey Stewart's Charlottesville shitshow. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Well, if she shows up, she can always talk to hate group member Gregory Randall (he's solid.)

Hate group member Gregory Randall indicates that he is going to gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart's Charlottesville shitshow. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

This will work out great since Corey is already familiar with Randall, now Maeve can explain to both of them, how they have noting to be ashamed of. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot. Someone should let David Swanson know that Randall has tipped his hate group buddies off to the peaceful counter-demo that is being planned. 

Gregory Randall shares the deets of a peaceful counter-demo that's in the works on a closed hate group Facebook page. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Y'all folks be careful down there, and DO NOT let these pathetic excuses for a carbon based lifeform bait you into any kind of confrontation. It is exactly what they want. Human vomit like Stewart and Kessler are salivating over the possibility of the potential video clips that they can plaster online to demonize the Left and paint themselves as the victim.

Restoring the honor!


  1. comparing kessler and stewart to human vomit is insulting to all vomit, everywhere. seriously, please keep up the great work. thanks.

  2. check out jk's twitter -- now he's the proud defender of pedophilia.


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