Faulty Logic: Why Jason Kessler's legal challenge will likely FAIL...

Twin brothers George and Gregory Randall, who have ties to the white nationalist hate group the League of the South, pose with Gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart and political agitator Jason Kessler. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, Jason Kessler's pathetic publicity stunt will likely FAIL because of a few simple reasons, namely his own faulty logic and apparent inability to read. Via Cville Weekly:

"According to state law, an elected officer can be removed from office for certain misdeeds, selling marijuana most prominent among them. Sex crimes were added after the Dumler situation. A petition can be submitted to the court, which may then appoint a special prosecutor to present the legal case made in the petition to a judge.
The law states that “the petition must be signed by a number of registered voters who reside within the jurisdiction of the officer equal to 10 percent of the total number of votes cast at the last election for the office that the officer holds.”
Dumler garnered 2,007 votes in 2011 in the Scottsville District, and Smith says he collected more than 10 percent of that number.
Kessler has gathered 527 signatures. However, it is not clear that this number will satisfy the 10 percent requirement established by law.
Charlottesville’s city councilors are all elected at-large, which means that each member of council is elected by the entire city rather than by geographical districts or wards. Bellamy won the highest number of votes in the 2015 general election that included five candidates for three seats.
The votes are counted “for the election for the office being held. The office being held is Bellamy’s city councilor position,” Kessler says. “He got 5,270 votes. So if you’re trying to say that it’s more than that then it definitely isn’t because people were able to vote for several city councilors.”
According to an abstract of votes provided by Charlottesville Registrar Rosanna Bencoach, a total of 15,798 votes were cast in the November 2015 election, with Bellamy taking 4,688 votes. 
Kessler does not believe that any votes not for Bellamy should be tallied when counting the total number of votes cast. “You count the people who voted for him,” he said.
When reminded that the statute doesn’t say “voted for him,” Kessler responded that “the number of signatures, I’m told by our legal team, is 527.”
“Who is your legal team?” one reporter asked. “Who has advised you on this case?”“No comment,” replied Kessler.
Asked about the exact number of signatures, verified to be real people who are registered to vote in Charlottesville, that she will need to count, Bencoach demurred.
“That is for the court to decide,” she said by e-mail. A hearing has been scheduled for February 23.
Some see the move to remove Bellamy as racially motivated. According to Pam Starsia, an organizer with Showing Up for Racial Justice Charlottesville, the allegations of racist language are not one-sided.
Kessler has an “agenda of trying to push white supremacy or white nationalism into Charlottesville’s local politics,” says Starsia, who is also Bellamy’s attorney.
“Wes has apologized for the content of his old tweets, accepted responsibility for them and, more importantly, his work and deeds in the years since show that he has worked to understand, overcome and rebuild the parts of himself that wrote those words so long ago.”"

ICYMI. The law says that, “the petition must be signed by a number of registered voters who reside within the jurisdiction of the officer equal to 10 percent of the total number of votes cast at the last election FOR THE OFFICE that the officer holds.” Folks, don't kid yourself. This has everything to do with white supremacy. I'm going to predict that this petition gets thrown out because of not having enough signatures. And folks, did you notice who was there with them? The infamous Randall brothers, George and Gregory.

Restoring the honor!


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