Disintegration: LOSers rocked by scandal over Cuban white nationalist...

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The LOSers are having a really bad week following revelations that they now harbor non-white members like Chris Cedeno, a Spanish white nationalist of Cuban descent, that Michael Hill and company are making a questionably rare exception for. The scandal is so large in fact that Dr. Hill had to take to social media to quell the infighting that had been touched off over Cedeno's membership in the League.

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Apparently, according to the LOSers, it was Bryan Bryant, who was at one time involved with Thomas Robb's Knights Party, that helped ignite the firestorm that has created divisions within the Southern Nationalist hate group over the racial purity of their members.

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This is yet another setback for a steadily declining hate group who once was a major player in the South.

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It's unclear how much of a black eye the revelation will leave on the LOSers who are trying their best to laugh it off.

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Clearly it is unorthodox for any serious white nationalist group to include non-whites. Perhaps the fallout over Chris Cedeno is just getting started? Only time will tell.

Disintegration - The Cure

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