Defending the Indefensible: Heritage community rallies around convicted "Heritage" terrorists with conspiracy theories in tow...

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As a reminder, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"“I do accept responsibility for what I’ve done," Norton said, often choking on her words as she spoke directly to the group. “What happened to you is absolutely awful. From mother to mother, I cannot imagine having to explain what that word means.”
Norton was referring to a racial epithet her group “Respect the Flag” repeatedly hurled at the party attendees, who included adults and small children.
Assistant District Attorney David Emadi detailed how the group had gone on a drunken, two-county spree July 24 and July 25. Emadi said that by the time the group reached the birthday party, they pulled a black, tactical pump shotgun out of one of the trucks. The shotgun matched one found in Torres’ truck later, Emadi said.
Emadi said Torres and two others passed the gun around, holding it as they and the others taunted not only the adults but the children.
“‘We’re going to kill some (racial epithet)s today,’” Emadi said, quoting witnesses present during the standoff. “We’ll blow the head off the little bastards. We’ll kill all the little (racial epithet)s.”
Someone passed ammunition to Torres and he leveled the shotgun at the group and yelled, “I’ll kill all of you (racial epithet)s,” Emadi said."

The only reason the Heritage folks won't accept this legal ruling is because it was correct. Norton apologized in court for what she did, but somehow, because the SPLC was involved, that, I guess, means she didn't do it, even though she says she did, and that she's sorry for what she did. See how that works? As I have said before, they don't have any respect for the rule of law. Hey! Here's a wacky idea, maybe they're just guilty? Naaaaaaaah...

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Oh my...

Restoring the honor!


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