Corey "Flip-Flopper" Stewart draws mindless "Heritage" agitators like stink on shit...

Nothing like a little Southern support for a Yank. (Images courtesy of Facebook)

I'm sure nothing makes Corey Stewart happier than a bunch of uneducated and blind followers. Read on to find out why they like him so much. Keep in mind that these are the same folks who support a President that said the Confederate flag belongs in a museum. Via the Daily Caller:

"“What Charlottesville did is not just to rip down a part of Charlottesville’s history, but, in fact, rip down all of Virginia’s history,” Stewart said.
“There is going to be a lawsuit filed to prevent Wes Bellamy and his group of thugs and tyrants on the Charlottesville City Council from tearing down a statue which was placed in trust to the City of Charlottesville by its citizens.”
Stewart also attended a protest of the statue in Charlottesville, and tweeted his outrage, calling the move a direct attack on Virginia’s “heritage.”
The gubernatorial candidate was on the other side of the issue last year, when he supported changing the name of a school based on the potentially racist past of the namesake.
The school was named after Mills E. Godwin, Jr., who served as governor for two terms during the 1960s and 1970s, and served in the state senate for nearly a decade. Godwin actually switched parties — several times. He changed from Democrat, to Independent, and then to Republican, over the course of his career.
Despite campaigning with President Lyndon B. Johnson in support of the Civil Rights Act, a measure passed by Republicans, he was labeled a “segregationist governor” by civil rights leaders, and local school board member Justin Wilk, who suggested changing the name of the minority-majority school.
Stewart fully supported the change, calling it a “good compromise” with local school leaders, but didn’t want the county to foot the bill for his decision.
“It sounds like the School Board made a good compromise here, and we’re not going to penny pinch if the costs are minimal just to mail out a few voter cards, but the schools are going to incur the cost of the change.”
Due to the fact that it was an election year, the school was saddled with the cost of changing its name on all signage, including clocks, bleachers, athletic equipment, as well as on ballots, maps, and other electoral paperwork sent out to voters in the district. The total cost of the change ended up being $265,700."

Oh. I see. It was an election year. It's all making sense now. You mean, Corey Stewart, a politician, just tells his constituents what they want to hear to get elected? Who could ever have seen that coming? I don't buy it for even a fraction of a second that this douchebag cares about those statues. This is probably just more political pandering to the stupid and racist for votes. Mission accomplished.

Restoring the honor!


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