Virginia Flaggers to raise largest Lexington hate flag to date next weekend...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

With all of this talk of Klansmen, Neo-Nazis and potentially illegal marches, somewhat overlooked are the Virginia Flaggers plans to raise a new hate flag next weekend in Lexington, which they call their "largest ever" (in Lexington at least). Following the announcement of their newest offensive hate flag, they turned right to fund raising. Still unanswered though, is the question of how much money the Flaggers are raising, and how much they are paying in taxes. Perhaps that's why the group still hasn't registered as a non-profit, like many other similar Confederate Heritage groups have done? By not registering as a non-profit, the group is able to conceal from the public how much money they are raking in. They are also able to conceal if, or how much they are paying in taxes. I'm leaning towards "if" myself. Because the Flaggers ARE registered as a corporation in the state of Virginia, one would assume that they ARE paying taxes, but you know what happens when we assume, don't you?

Restoring the honor!


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