Virginia Flaggers occupy top spot at SPLC Hatewatch in the wake of massive FAIL in Lexington...

(Image courtesy of the Southern Poverty Law Center)

The Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch blog has a new post out this weekend which chronicles the MASSIVE FAIL in Lexington, Virginia, following the Virginia Flaggers hastily raised hate flag, at the 60 West Pawn Shop. Via the Hatewatch post:

"The public debate over the legacy of the Confederacy in the Deep South came to a boil recently when two organizations –– one an anti-racist group and the other a Confederate heritage group –– got in a permit battle to hold competing marches in Lexington, Va. 
The argument culminated with a business owner deciding to violate zoning regulations and raise an 82-foot-tall flag poll flying to raise the Confederate Battle Flag (CBF).
The public controversy began after an anti-racist group, Community Anti-Racism Education Initiative (CARE) acquired a permit for their annual Lee-Jackson Day march in Lexington, the neo-Confederate heritage group the Virginia Flaggers responded by applying for a permit for the following Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day."

The article goes on to add:

"The Southern Poverty Law Center has documented the nationwide prevalence of Confederate monuments, place names, and rallies across the nation since Dylann Roof’s racially motivated killing of 9 black congregants at Charleston’s Emmanuel AME. Roof posed for photos with the CBF and intimated to friends that he desired to start “a civil war”.
The attack spurred calls for the removal of Confederate tributes in the days and weeks that ensued. Heritage groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and Virginia Flaggers and some hate groups like the League of the South (LOS) immediately went on the defensive, organizing demonstrations and rides across the country, with the “battle flag” displayed prominently throughout.
Animated by Nikki Haley’s 2015 decision to remove the CBF from the dome of the South Carolina capitol building, movement newcomers ACTBAC NC (Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County) formed and in 2016 began a push to line Interstate 40 with CBF’s on private property.
ACTBAC NC and LOS members were particularly incensed by the decision by the City of Lexington to issue a permit to CARE, promising to join in the march and to boycott local businesses.
Legally barred from festooning the town with the “Stars and Bars”, the “Stainless Banner”, the “Third National”, or the “Battle Flag” and prevented from occupying the streets while CARE held a parade permit, the Virginia Flaggers spent Lee-Jackson Day marching up and down the sidewalks of Lexington with Confederate banners.
Present with them were a few SCV, LOS, and ACTBAC NC members. Their dress ranged from full re-enactor’s garb to piecemeal ensembles of tie-dye, denim, and leather biker kuttes with kepi hats. Red banners with a star-studded blue cross of St. Andrew flew in number."

We had heard from an insider who attended the Stonewall Brigade's symposium last weekend that SCV types were privately discussing what an embarrassment the Flaggers had become for their movement. We weren't surprised. We even found this comment on Facebook of someone who apparently feels the same way.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

From what we are hearing, a large contingent within the Heritage community are finding it harder and harder to support the Flaggers due to their continued tacit support of white nationalists. By that we mean that they have historically refused to respond to criticism and calls for denouncing many of the shady folks they willingly associate with, like CC Lesters and Dennis Durham, for instance. As a matter of fact, the Flaggers were led in their recent perp walk through Lexington by a current or former hate group member, Gregory Randall, who was dressed as Stonewall Jackson. What a great way to "restore the honor", wouldn't you say? Of course, all of that is besides the point of the major failure of the Flaggers, and that is their failure to do their due diligence, and their apparent willingness to abandon their hate flag associates when the going gets tough. In the meantime, the Flaggers appear to have gone into radio silence on their giant hate flag FAIL. They've been keeping a pretty low profile over the last week while the drama unfolded, which included the revelation that Brian Rowsey isn't even the owner of the property the Flaggers raised their latest eyesore on. See the documentation below provided by Rockbridge County:

(Images courtesy of Rockbridge County)

So now we appear to be witnessing a game of chicken between the property owners (not Brian Rowsey or the Virginia Flaggers) and Rockbridge County. Who do you think is going to blink first? Folks, as soon as we get word of what day the hate flag is coming down (and we're fairly certain it IS coming down), we'll let you know. 

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Just know that going forward, you can disregard whatever assertions you see from Mr. Rowsey that the flag isn't coming down, because it isn't up to him, nor is it up to the Virginia Flaggers, who I would imagine, are lying in the corner, licking their wounds as we speak. I asked a Rockbridge County representative by phone yesterday if there was any truth to the assertion that no one has ever needed a building permit, or been subjected to a TCO Board review, and they said that an assertion such as that is just simply ludicrous. The TCO Board meets on an as needed basis, and is currently scheduled to meet next on February 1st, for two other non-related incidents. Building permits are routine requirements for erecting structures. What's really going on here is that you have a group of people who are thumbing their noses at authority. These types of folks don't believe in, or respect the rule of law.

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

A wise (but equally despicable) person once said, "Play stupid games... win stupid prizes..." We couldn't agree more...

Restoring the honor!


  1. An interesting tidbit, the letter to the Flaggers was addressed to Grayson Jennings. I'm going to guess because they know that they won't get a response from Silent Susan? Word on the street is that the Flaggers are suffering from a major lack of leadership.

    A representative for Rockbridge County also explained the fines to me during a phone call yesterday. Following the first summons, they will be fined $200. Each additional summons after that, they will be fined $500, until they reach a cap of $5,000. One caveat, where the penalty section says the fines will be assessed per day, that actually means every ten days. They have 45 days to respond. The County said they have had discussions with the legal property owners. There is some question of whether or not Mr. Rowsey has entered into some sort of a "Lease to Own" agreement with the property owners, the Camden's. Regardless, he isn't the current property owner, and pretty much everything he is saying about it is meaningless. Criminal penalties can be considered once they have exhausted the Civil penalty cap of $5,000.

    Additionally, it should be stressed that the issue is not now, and never was the flag, it is the pole, which is illegally encroaching on a right of way. The County stressed to me by phone that the Flaggers have two additional flags in their jurisdiction, and neither present any problem, because all laws and ordinances were adhered to. Any assertion that the County is "out to get them" is total and utter bunk. They are trying to paint themselves as "victims", but they are anything but. The truth is, they were warned and they mocked the rule of law. They lost. Now, they should do the right thing and take that ugly eyesore down, and go through the correct process.

  2. Oh, so that is what Norwood "Tripp" Lewis is doing instead of taking my job. Huh!

    1. Yes, he was quite busy taking drone footage of the FAIL. He's not good at much else, but at least he's good with a drone. I think operating a drone requires a bit of computer savvy, not really as much as, say a hacker would require, just a modest amount. You know, amateur hour kinda stuff.


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