Virginia Flagger supporter suggests Bob Fenwick is "going to get himself killed"...

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Please Mr. Hunley, do elaborate... Remember folks, these are the kinds of people the Flaggers attract. I mean, just look at who they're working with on hate flags. Swell guy, right? And what about their celebration of white supremacy and treason a few weeks ago? Wow. Shameful. A hate group? Really? And they want to talk about three ring circuses. LOL! 

(Image courtesy of the Virginia Flaggers)

I'm sure Bob is getting plenty of great mail from the Confederates tonight. Can't wait to read about it. Lets check back in...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

That'll change those hearts and minds. Lets check back in on our friends again.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

There's always going to be at least one "Heritage" person who brings up lynching. Why is that? Encoded in their DNA? Thank you Virginia Flaggers for keeping this civil. This next one was shared by the Flaggers, they left out the "circle in hell" part.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

They sound really angry. Might I suggest some anger management? Anyone wanna take any guesses as to what the next Council meeting will be like? Can't wait!

Restoring the honor!


  1. I don't know why, but I like this Fenwick guy.


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