The Softball Game: Virginia Flaggers whine about "Fake News" even though the majority of their press coverage is positive, and ignores the extremists and white nationalists they befriend...

Were they in a different Lexington this weekend? Over a thousand anti-Confederates were there. (Images courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, when was the last time a reporter asked Susan Hathaway a tough question? Really, think about that. So why are the Flaggers whining about "Fake News" when pretty much all of the coverage they get is one-sided and flattering? The Virginia news media love the Flaggers because Confederate flags are controversial, and controversy generates clicks. They aren't going to go after their golden goose with tough questions because they need them. But that's ok, we will

"Give us our way or we will cry until you do." (Image courtesy of Facebook)

You see, the Flaggers aren't happy unless they are completely controlling the message. If they aren't, they throw one of their trademark temper tantrums. I mean, what are they whining about? The media didn't even ask them about ol' 14 Words Lesters. Sheesh. 

(Image courtesy of

Hey Flaggers, it's not "Fake News" when they point out how incredibly massive the anti-racist presence was in Lexington, and how pitifully small yours was, that's just called reality. Deal with it.

Restoring the honor!


  1. The Flaggers should stop complaining, they're even getting quoted in The NY Times:

    "Afterward, they reconvened at the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery in Lexington. Susan Hathaway, the leader of a group called the Virginia Flaggers, had a message that sounded strikingly similar to one that King paraders had heard from their organizers less than an hour earlier — but one with a different goal.

    “We are losing this war on a lot of fronts,” she said. “And folks, if we don’t learn to come alongside of people who might look a little different than us, who might have a different way of doing things, and find ways that we can work together like we did today, we’re not going to get very far.”"

    Classic! How do they expect to bring in new people who aren't like them when they are standing shoulder to shoulder with people like CC Lesters?


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