Spin City: Virginia Flaggers propaganda implies Lexington ordinance issue is over the flag, it isn't...

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Folks, the Flaggers followers are too stupid to be able to decipher truth from fiction, so it's no surprise that the Flaggers are continuing to try and mislead them. I spoke with Rockbridge County officials Friday, the issue isn't now and never was the flag, it was their failure to do their due diligence and stay within compliance of existing laws. In addition, the Flaggers can meet with them all they want, it doesn't add up to a hill of beans, because they don't own the property. Ultimately, it is the Camden family that has to answer to Rockbridge County. That flag is coming down. I'm not saying it won't go back up, but it is coming down. The only way it isn't is if Rockbridge County disregards their own ordinances, and if they were to do that, they would have set a precedent, so I doubt that's going to happen. The truth is, the Flaggers are in a really tough spot on this one. They are trying to spin this six ways from Sunday, but in the end, this is a gigantic publicity nightmare and total failure of Flagger leadership. They can spin all they want, but anyone with two eyeballs can see what a FAIL this is. The Flaggers are still trying to make it sound like they are being attacked over the flag, which is hilarious, because they have two other flags that Rockbridge County hasn't said one word about. They are trying to play the victim card, but it isn't working. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. Folks, keep in mind that there is nothing "alleged" about the violations. The Flaggers know that that ugly rag is getting moved, they are just trying to put on a smiley face for their followers, so they don't look like the total failures that they are. The sad thing is that their followers are so dumb that they are going to eat this up like candy.

  2. Timeline

    On Wednesday, January 11, 2017, the Office of Community Development says that it learned of the proposed flag pole.

    The Virginia Flaggers claim that someone notified the County on the afternoon of January 11, 2017 of the proposed flagpole.

    On January 12, 2017, the Office of Community Development verified that a concrete pad was in place and drafted and hand delivered notices to the property owner, tenant and the Virginia Flaggers. They verified with Kris Camden, Brian Rowsey and Grayson Jennings their receipt and understanding of the notices.

    The Virginia Flaggers claim that a letter had been drafted by the morning of January 12, 2017. This much is true. The Flaggers also claim that 3 different VDOT crews came out on Thursday (1-12-17) and verified that 2 of the violations were false, but I spoke with Guy Tudor, Area Land Use Engineer at the Lexington VDOT office this afternoon, and he recalled a slightly different set of facts. Mr. Tudor confirmed that an individual from their office was dispatched on Thursday to give an opinion, and that's all he did, give a non legally binding opinion. Mr. Tudor stated that an individual (not 3 crews as claimed by the Flaggers) was dispatched to verify the Right of Way. That individual could not state definitively that there were or were not violations without courthouse research and surveying by a land surveyor. It is up to the landowner to do the courthouse research and pay for a land surveyor, not VDOT. Based upon limited facts and evidence, the individual gave AN OPINION. Opinions, as you know, are like assholes. Everybody has one.

    The Virginia Flaggers claim that the pole was installed late Thursday the 13th (the night before the flag raising ceremony.)

    The Virginia Flaggers raised the flag the morning of Saturday the 14th, despite the notice of potential violations (not very smart.)

    The Virginia Flaggers claimed that they received a new notice on January 17th with new alleged violations.

    Here are some facts:

    The structure (Flagpole) is located in the General Business (B-1) District:


    Cited violation: Per Section 302.204 of regulations.

    The structure is located within the Tourism Corridor Overlay (TCO).

    See page 6 for a map of the TCO:


    Cited violation: Per Section 611.02, the structure must be approved via a Certificate of Appropriateness by the Review Board prior to the issuance of a Building and Zoning Permit.

    Cited violation: Per Section 108.2 of the Uniform Statewide Building Code, a permit is required for flagpoles exceeding 30'.


    They have been asked to remove the structure within 45 days (by March 6, 2017) and to go through the correct and legal process.

    They have a right to appeal within 30 days. It's unclear if that includes the Flaggers, who have no legal ties to the property.

    Media coverage:





  3. See the canopy at the gas station on down the highway? It's within the 20' buffer.

    Zoom in.
    [It's 25' from the centerline of the highway to the right-of-way (blue line). Then there's about 10' from the ROW to the overhang of the canopy. If the 20' is true, they need to apply the law equally.]


    1. Folks, I banned BR a while ago, but I'm letting this one through for shits and grins.

  4. "Apparently, someone notified the county..." - Also sounds like "Somebody's a snitch."

  5. I'm just going to make a suggestion. Log in to the Rockbridge County search page here:


    Search "rowsey,brian"

    Have fun!


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