Spin City: VDOT's account of events surrounding Lexington flagpole fiasco differs from the Flaggers...

(Image courtesy of WRIC)

Folks, the Flaggers posted a long winded and carefully crafted propaganda piece for their followers over the weekend, in an apparent attempt to explain the giant FAIL in Lexington in the most positive light possible. Unfortunately, the Flaggers have failed yet again. One passage of their word salad jumped out at us:

"Three different VDOT crews came out Thursday and verified that two of the alleged violations were false..."

Really? That's interesting. Someone should probably let VDOT know then, because they didn't seem to know anything about that yesterday when I called and spoke with Guy Tudor, Area Land Use Engineer at the local Lexington VDOT branch. Tudor confirmed that an individual VDOT employee was dispatched to look at the flagpole and render an OPINION. As we all know, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. Tudor explained that the individual (who wasn't named, but I'm sure the Flaggers know who it was) could not give a definitive declaration that the flagpole was or wasn't in violation of local ordinances without first doing two things, namely courthouse research and having the land surveyed. Tudor said that it would be impossible to give anything other than an OPINION based on the limited facts and evidence they had to work with. At best, the Flaggers were stretching the truth, at worst, they are outright lying. Additionally, Tudor stated that he didn't know anything about three crews being dispatched, only one individual. Weird, isn't it? If anyone has any follow-up questions for the Lexington VDOT branch, you can reach them at 540-463-3108, like I did yesterday.

Restoring the honor!


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