Love Trumps Hate: Lee-Jackson Day 2017 hate-fest trounced by MASSIVE peace march...

A "few people" take it to the streets, to remember the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr..

Folks, the Flagger following is having a hard time understanding that they got routed this past weekend in Lexington. They just don't want to believe it, because the truth hurts. They don't seem to understand that love always trumps hate.

I think Ashby Turner forgot a few zeros. LOL!!! (Images courtesy of Facebook)

Thank goodness for that little invention, "the cellphone"! For all of the Flagger non-believers, here's what you missed. (Someone better get the smelling salts ready, they're going to need it after they watch that third one!)

Folks, do you want to know why no one showed up to the Flaggers cavalcade of FAIL? Because who wants to take a chance on showing up to an event, where you run the risk of being photographed standing next to a Klansman or Neo-Nazi? People have jobs. They can't afford to go to a Flagger event and be photographed rubbing elbows with this guy. The Flaggers just don't get it, but their support is going to continue to dwindle as we continue to expose them and their associates for who they really are. It doesn't have to be this way. The Flaggers can stop issuing threats of raising hate flags in communities any time they want. They can denounce hate groups, and end friendships with hate group members at any time. What are they waiting for? UP NEXT: An exclusive photo gallery of CARE's massive march.

Restoring the honor!


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