LOSers in Revolt?: Confusion abounds as the League of the South tries to regain footing after a long lost year...

(Image courtesy of the Southern Poverty Law Center)

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a fresh article out tonight over all of the recent backstabbing and defections going on within the League of the South ranks. One thing you can count on about Southern Nationalists, they are notorious assholes with bloated egos who don't play well with others. 

Are the LOSers, LOSing the faith in Michael Hill? (Images courtesy of Southern Future)

From the article:

"Of course, Griffin’s efforts to rebrand the neo-Confederate movement are more complex than that. As Hatewatch has previously documented, a rift between Michael Hill, who leads the League of the South (LOS), and his younger, more tech-savvy base has grown in recent years. 
In a blog published yesterday titled “The Alternative South,” Griffin discusses a number of concerns stemming from his involvement with the League: the group’s push towards public demonstrations in the latter years of the Obama administration, Hill’s increasingly divisive militancy, and his own vision for a new reactionary movement geared towards advancing the neo-Confederate cause under President Trump.
While writing fondly in the piece of his time in the League, Griffin also rebuked Hill for not having “adapted to the Trump era.”"

(Image courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

The article adds:

"Griffin has recognized that success and seeks to siphon unruly, younger LOS members from the League and into his big-tent alternative with Michael Cushman, who fled the League in the 2015, and other TRS Confederates.
After all, Griffin’s choice for the new Occidental Dissent banner features a split rendition of the Confederate Battle Flag and Cushman’s blacked-out adaptation, which the LOS has also championed."

(Image courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

And finally:

"Griffin’s choice to make that switch two days after the Atlanta forum is remarkable in that his banner closely resembles the Atlanta Forum logo, which consists of an escutcheon featuring the CBF and “Cushman Flag” as its quartered coat of arms. Rising above is the occultist Sonnenrad, a prominent symbol in neo-Nazi imagery. The logo was first unveiled in November 2016, when the TRS Confederates, riding high on Donald Trump’s electoral victory, announced the forum."

Folks, it is no secret that Michael Cushman and Brad Griffin have both been put off by Michael Hill's ongoing descent into the violent rhetoric death spiral. It now appears that their criticisms are having some effect as Hill and company are now backpedaling on the tough talk, and trumping up a "defensive posture" as the new LOSer narrative.

(Image courtesy of Southern Future)

I just noticed this newish comment over at Southern Future. I heard the same thing. News travels fast.

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