Lexington: A tale of two narratives...

On one hand, you have a narrative of peace, inclusion, diversity, respect and remembrance of a great man and Civil Rights leader, Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr..

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

And on the other hand, you have whatever it is, that the Flaggers are trying to say. I think we pretty much got the message, when they re-raised their hate flag on Raymond Agnor's property yesterday. You remember Raymond, don't you?

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Don't worry Flaggers, I think we're picking up what you're putting down, even if the pathetic Virginia news media isn't. Folks, it's getting so bad for the Flaggers that our sources at the Stonewall Brigade's weekend events, says that there is massive shittalking going on about the Flaggers by other so-called "Confederate Heritage" activists. Popcorn please.

Restoring the honor!


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