Lee-Jackson Day update

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Plans for next weekends "Lee-Jackson Day" celebration keep changing. But here's what we know. The Virginia Flaggers are still advertising that they will be marching "through Lexington on Saturday". This contradicts the city of Lexington's official line. Several other sources tell me that they don't believe that the Flaggers are going to march, even though they keep claiming that they are. Personally, I find it hard to believe that the Flaggers will be content on standing around the cemetery all day. They have shown that they like to be "creative", and I'm sure they are planning to do just that on Saturday. I'm wondering just how far they are willing to go to test authority. There is also some question about the legality of any impromptu, un-permitted march through town, and how far Lexington will go in enforcing their own laws. According to Facebook, the Flaggers are tentatively planning on meeting at Stonewall Jackson Cemetery at 9am on Saturday, one hour before CARE Rockbridge is scheduled to begin their parade up the street. They have given no indication on timing, or structure of their "march".

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Meanwhile, the Stonewall Brigade apparently changed the dates of their event again. It was at one point scheduled for the following weekend, but sources are telling me that they met the city in the middle, and changed their dates back to the original weekend, to make it easier on the city to manage all of the different events logistically. I'm told that they have a permit, and according to a flyer I found posted yesterday, they plan to lead a parade on Sunday beginning at 3pm, departing from the Stonewall Jackson Cemetery. Social media posts indicate that horses are required to wear diapers to alleviate any possibility of a real shit show. It's unclear if this is serious, or a joke. 

(Image courtesy of CARE Rockbridge)

CARE Rockbridge, an anti-racism group, is leading a parade on Saturday, beginning at 10am, at the Randolph Street United Methodist Church. They have a permit.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

The ANTIFA groups that previously vowed to shut down the Confederate march have called off their caravan from North Carolina to Lexington. I am still waiting on final confirmation back from the City about which groups are approved, and for what days, but as of now, that's how I understand it all.

Restoring the honor!


  1. I know this is shallow. But, as a designer, I notice these things...

    That CARE poster is well designed. You can tell the care and thought that went into it. Now, compare that to the flyer that looks like it was created in Word.

    They can't get out of their own way.

    1. I agree. It's a great looking poster.


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