League of the South Prez says they've utilized snipers in public on two occasions...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Thanks Mike. That's good to know. We'll be sure to let local law enforcement know the next time you request a permit to gather in public. "Uncle Sugar", by the way, is urban slang for fed.gov, or better known as half of the League's current membership. So basically, what I think Dr. Mike is saying is that they have snipers at their rallies to watch over all of the Federal informants participating in the rallies? Of course, they were there for "defensive" purposes. 

A new strategy? Don't worry, it's just for show. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

LOL!!! From what I hear, North Carolina is a hotbed of snitch activity. You can always tell who the snitches are, they're the ones usually spouting off all kinds of crazy shit. Anyone got any ideas?

Restoring the honor!


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