Hate Not Heritage: Ku Klux Klansman hijacks "Confederate Heritage" again for flag ride, Heritage community complicity silent...

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Ku Klux Klansman Steven Monk, who is no stranger to these pages, has announced through his "Heritage" front group known as "Confederate American Pride", a new flag ride, tentatively scheduled for March 11th, leaving from the Chickamauga Battlefield Visitors Center, with stops at battlefields around Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain.   

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Although we have exposed Mr. Monk's ties to the white power scene multiple times, the "Heritage of Hate" community has refused to publicly disavow Mr. Monk. Of course, you'll likely remember that Mr. Monk and the Confederate Heritage community go waaaaaaaaaaay back.

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This latest flag ride is just another example of how the Heritage community works in collaboration with hardcore racists. It was only a few weeks ago that the white nationalist hate group, the League of the South, rallied alongside the Virginia Flaggers in Lexington, Virginia while the local news media looked the other way. 

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Among the list of Neo-Nazis who have so far confirmed participation in the event are Greg "Thor Henderson" Calhoun, Eric "Erik Thorvaldsson" Meadows, Shaun "Windel" Winkler and Joseph Andrews "Olah". Of that list, three of the four were at a white power gathering at Stone Mountain last year, that ended with the park being shut down. Given the damning amount of evidence that has come to light of the collaboration between the Heritage community and Neo-Nazis, it's surprising that the Heritage community still stands by their white power friends. Perhaps they don't want to upset the apple cart because they like to see their writing immortalized on the webpage of a Klansman?

Susan Hathaway reminds us to fight like the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, Nathan Bedford Forrest. Well, thanks for that! (Image courtesy of Confederate American Pride)

Restoring the honor!


  1. Please tell me what white power rally that we attended at Stone Mountain? As I recall it was a pride rally. Oh I'm sorry I guess you libtards assume power anytime a white person says white pride. What filth you are. And why the fuck is it OK for blacks to be proud? We are simply waving our Confederate flags in honor of our fallen ancestors. How exactly does it all have anything to do with white power? What garbage you are. Keep your ignorant blacklivesmatter shit to yourself and leave us honor our dead. See you there jackass. Alllivematter.

    1. First, tell me which Nazi this is...

    2. Nevermind. I know which circus clown this is. We laughed our asses off last year at that sad thing y'all called an event.


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