Jason Kessler tells alleged white supremacist blogger that the Virginia Flaggers helped him grow his audience, details how they were instrumental in making Wes Bellamy controversy go viral...

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Folks, this is how you reassure people that you, yourself aren't a white supremacist, by going on a podcast of an alleged white supremacist and praising a group who worships white supremacy. Got it.

Matt Forney. (Image courtesy of Slate)

In Jason Kessler's own words: 

"Well, fortunately, I got some help. I got connected with Virginia Flaggers, who are a movement of people, who are trying to preserve the memory of the Confederacy in Virginia. So they go around and they present legal challenges to these people who are trying to take down statues, and thank God they're there, because it doesn't stop with the Confederacy. These people are going to go after the Founding Fathers. This guy said he's going after Thomas Jefferson. Lincoln. Any person that you can think of, that's historical, who's white, that might have said something, or done something, that could be construed as racist. Whatever. They just want to smear these people and tear them from our history books. So anyway, this Virginia Flaggers group, started sharing it, and it just exploded. The traffic to my site went to like, from a few hundred people the previous day, to 14,000 the next day, and then over time, it was hundreds of thousands of people viewing it, and I got interviewed by the Washington Post. I was on InfoWars with Paul Joseph Watson, all of this stuff..."

First off, what legal challenges have the Flaggers ever presented? None that I am aware of, even though they threaten them all of the time. Have they even filed a single legal challenge in their 5 plus years of failure? I think he has them confused with a Heritage group who isn't skeered. And really? Hundreds of thousands? I'm calling bullshit. Also, is it just me, or does Jason seem really eager to tell you about how many interviews he's done? Hey look, it's a free country. All I'm going to say is, he is begging for cash all over his page, and I don't even have a donate button. You know why folks? I do this because I believe in it. Other people do similar things because they can smell money and they are natural born grifters. What Kessler should be doing is raising money for his legal defense fund. Maybe Tripp will donate some of his leftovers? And Forney? He's a real piece of work. Check out some of his handy work below.

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Nice. No wonder Forney and Jason get along so well.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Folks, Kessler says in this podcast that he has a hate blogger after him. Can you imagine?

  2. We already knew that the Flaggers were working closely with Kessler to destroy Bellamy, as evidenced by this:


  3. Its all about the almighty dollar with Norwood and Susan...


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