Hundreds of Virginia Flaggers take it to the sidewalk, while thousands of anti-racists take it to the streets of Lexington...

Peaceful anti-racists as far as the eye can see... (Image courtesy of Twitter)

"Whose streets? Our streets." And we're being generous when we say "hundreds".

The Virginia Flaggers vowed to "take it to the streets", but settled for the sidewalk instead. Call it "lack of leadership". (Image courtesy of Facebook)

No, not theirs. Streets are for anti-racists silly Flaggers. I guess they can have a little bit of sidewalk, then they can go home for another year.

The Virginia Flaggers perp walk through Lexington. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Go away Flaggers, you're drunk. More on the Flaggers EPIC FAIL soon...

Restoring the honor!


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