Heritage Hissyfit: Virginia Flaggers ratchet up hate flag rhetoric in the wake of their own failure to comply with existing laws...

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Folks, the local governments and local media are to blame for the Flaggers continued campaign of harassment, intimidation and veiled threats. They think that they can ignore this problem and it will just go away, but that's not going to happen. When the Flaggers don't get what they want, they kick and scream, and throw major temper tantrums until they get what they want. If that doesn't work, they raise more hate flags and call it a victory. The real victory of course, is that no one looks into who these people are or what they really believe. If you're paying attention, you will notice that in between "Confederate Heritage" and white nationalism, is a bridge. Did anyone notice that after we revealed that Stonewall Jackson has ties to a white nationalist hate group, rather than denouncing him, the Flaggers doubled down on their praise? We did. Where are the local media? 

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Restoring the honor!


  1. "The county has talked with the owner of the flagpole and say a solution is in the works."



    1. The plot is thickening:

      "Brian Rowsey
      I didn't make no solution I'm not moving this pole 1 foot 8 inches. Vdot says it's good the county has. Itching to do with the road. The pole is the same thing as a storage building I can move it anytime what I mean by this is the pole can be moved it's not concreated in the ground it's in a sleeve so I can move it just like a storage building. This reporter graduated from w&l our own local newspaper never came out but the New York Times did and the Roanoke times. Sounds like to me they all in together. That pole is note going no where. Everybody else has flag poles closer to the road then I do light poles. The county is trying to fight for w&l and using your tax money to do it. So if you want this pole down you going have to buy this property. I'll have another pole made 125 foot. I'll make sure you see it from the whole campus. Good luck on moving it. It's a 83 foot pole to get your story right. The whole story is a lie.
      The county paper work is a joke.
      Move a pole a foot you must be crazy. If I move it I'll pay to have it taller.
      Edited · LikeReply · More · 2 minutes ago"

    2. I'm prepared to offer Mr. Rowsey $3. Final offer.

    3. I'm going to email him my offer for the land to see what he says. I'd like to pick the parcel up as a bargain.

    4. Ok folks, wish me luck.

      "Mr. Rowsey,

      Good day to you. I saw that you were willing to part with the parcel of land that has the flag on it. Your post didn't specify if this was a public sale, but I thought I'd take a chance. I'm willing to purchase the parcel from you today, sight unseen for $3. I will pay cash. Please let me know if you'd be interested. I would like to buy the land as soon as possible so that we can get rid of that eyesore.

      Thanks very much,

    5. Brian Rowsey sent his counter offer of $425,000. I countered his counter with my final offer, $4, and I told him I'd help them pack for free. It's a good offer, I hope he takes it...

    6. He sent me his phone number. I think he wants phone sex, but I could be reading him wrong?


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