Heritage and mate?

(Image courtesy of Confederates Only)

Folks, I have to admit, I've been "out of the game" since October of 1870. But what better time to get these old bones back in the game then now? Thanks to Confederates Only, I can now find my perfect soulmate. (Hat tip Civil War Crossroads)

(Image courtesy of Confederates Only)

Just a short while ago, I created a profile in hopes of attracting my own little ray of sunshine in a hoop skirt. As luck would have it, I'm already getting some nibbles.

Well now. Seems things are looking up for this ol' fella!

Restoring the honor!


  1. Replies
    1. No wonder no one has heard from her in weeks.

      I wonder if Tripp Lewis has joined...heard he was divorced and back on the dating scene. But then again his Twitter handles of "pr0xy" and "Goadzilla" may get him more attention than he wants.

    2. Something tells me they're going to be a little busy here soon: http://roanoke.com/opinion/commentary/cummings-other-countries-have-their-own-flaggers/article_e33bbaa2-ed27-5a4b-a8a7-09e66077f763.html?mode=jqm

    3. LOL...Norwood took the bait above...LOL...so easy!

  2. To be clear everyone, the site is real, the match, just for fun.


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