Heartfelt thanks from Brian Rowsey to the Sheriff's Department and Lexington City Police following hate flag raising...

Thanks LEO's for all your help! (Image courtesy of Facebook)

I guess Brian Rowsey has something to do with the 60 West Pawn Shop in Lexington, Virginia, where a new hate flag was raised today by the Virginia Flaggers, just adjacent to the shop. Seems there was a little brouhaha going prior to todays festivities.

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Oh my. Remember folks, it's about "Heritage", not hate. 

(Image courtesy of Facebook)


Restoring the honor!


  1. Fines? Did someone say fines? I sure hope they are all covered on the permitting, ordinance, right of way vs. private property end! Someone at the city should check, just to be sure. Would sure hate for them to have to have a do over, now that it's all raised. That would be a real shame. But I'm sure they dotted all the I's and crossed all the T's, aren't you?


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