Hate Not Heritage: What is not to "like" about a convicted mass murderer? Ask some of next weekends hate march participants...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, what's more disgusting? The comment above, or the people who liked the comment above?

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Boy, that's a couple of names we're pretty familiar with.

Susan Hathaway has no idea who her friends are, or what they believe. Sure...

Why do the Virginia news media continue to give Susan Hathaway and her merry band of white nationalist friends a pass? This isn't the first time we've heard these despicable people sing the praises of convicted mass murderer Dylann Storm Roof.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, when they're marching for white supremacy next weekend, lest we forget that Susan Hathaway's friends apparently find a convicted mass murderer, who has no remorse for his crime, praiseworthy. And let us also try not to forget that the "Heritage" movement continues to embrace hate group members. Some of their ugly mugs may even turn up on the 10 o'clock news. Get your popcorn ready.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Geez, what an image. You have Dennis, Susan, and Randall. Who is the Julia Sugarbaker character and the Secret Service wannabe? Who can take these people seriously?

    For all the public condemnation on Roof, they surround themselves with the opposite.

    1. I forget that woman's name, but she was a real piece of work. She was running for President or something. That guy was her fake Secret Service. The whole charade was hilarious.

      It's pretty transparent what's going on. They pretend it's about "Heritage not Hate", while their actions show the opposite.


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