Hate Not Heritage: Virginia Flaggers silently delete/hide Klansman's post, "Like" the post of a Nazi/Klansman, who claims to be attending Lee-Jackson Day...

Folks, earlier, we told you that the Virginia Flaggers put out the call for photos of hate flags, and Flagger supporter/Klansman Scott Woods came through for them, BIGLY. Well, it didn't take long for the Flaggers to delete and/or hide Woods post. But folks, do you think they deleted or hid it because they hate the Klan, or do you think they did it because of the optics? I can tell you that they didn't use the opportunity to denounce racism or the Klan, but also consider this. Woods wasn't the only hate group member to post a photo.

Scott Woods post is visible. Screenshot created January 7, 2017, 10:43pm. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Directly underneath Woods' post was a similar post by Josh Tart, a Klansman and apparent Neo-Nazi.

Scott Woods post is missing. Screenshot created January 8, 2017, 1:16am. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

But folks, there's more. Not only was Woods post silently deleted from their page with no denouncement, the Flaggers "liked" Josh Tart's post. Imagine that.

The Virginia Flaggers "like" Josh Tart's post. (Images courtesy of Facebook)

Perhaps the Flaggers just like Josh's post because he "liked" their page, and they're just returning the favor?

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Or maybe they're giddy because he's indicated (like other Klansmen and Neo-Nazis) that he's attending Lee-Jackson Day next weekend?

Josh Tart is indicating that he's going to the Virginia Flaggers Lee-Jackson Day event on social media. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Or maybe what's more likely, is they just like his style?

(Images courtesy of Instagram)
(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Or maybe they like his flag?

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Hard to tell. But hopefully, the Virginia news media will ask them next weekend. Nah, probably not. 

Restoring the honor!


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