Fuzzy Math: How many Flaggers made it to Lexington for Lee-Jackson Day 2017?

Using fuzzy math, the Virginia Flaggers claim over 400 people participated in this weekends events. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, the Flaggers are spinning like a top over questions of where in the world all of their support was this weekend. We talked to someone who attended the Stonewall Brigade's symposiums, and they tell us that there was a lot of knifing in the Flaggers backs going on by the SCV set. People were apparently none too pleased with the Flaggers ongoing antics, which are apparently making the entire "Heritage" movement look like a bunch of assclowns. In one social media post, the Flaggers claimed over 400 people participated, spread over two days. I'm guessing that they purposely forgot to mention that it was 200 or less, each day. Convenient.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Even their weekend capping "march through town" looked more like a perp walk, and only attracted a measly 200 LARPers. Although one Flagger supporter says that even that number is inflated by about 10, but whaddya say we just give 'em those, because it's not like it's really going to change the fact that Lee-Jackson Day 2017, was a complete and utter failure. 

(Image courtesy of Roanoke.com)

Despite all of the uncertainty, over how little of a following the Flaggers were able to turnout this weekend, Lexington spoke loudly and clearly, "Go away Flaggers! We don't want your hate."

Restoring the honor!


  1. Folks, we've just received some exclusive photos and videos of the massive and diverse peace march. We will get those up tomorrow, but the evidence will leave no doubt as to where Lexington falls on its approval or disapproval of the Heritage of hate. Folks, I looked through all of the photos of the Flaggers from this weekend and I could only spy a single person of color. Telling.

  2. I can't help but wonder if the Stonewall Brigade will be sending Susie and Co. a Christmas card next year? Make sure y'all thank the Flaggers for this wonderful headline:


    Folks, don't blame the Stonewall Brigade. I think they genuinely just want to celebrate their ancestors, the Flaggers on the other hand apparently just want to punish communities with their obnoxious hate flags and will circus-like antics. The "Heritage" community really should reign this out of control locomotive of FAILure in.

  3. I'm sorry, Maeve, but flaggers and General Lee are not fear-mongers? What slanted dictionary does she use?


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