Confederate Head Fake?: The Burning question is, "What day is the parade?"

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

You know what I think? I think this is total bullshit. The Stonewall Brigade previously said that their parade was going to be the following weekend, of January 21st. They even released a press release stating as much. 

(Image courtesy of the Stonewall Brigade)

But now, the big parade is on Sunday the 15th? Is it possible this is just a diversionary tactic to throw off the anti-racists who have vowed to shut down the weekends Confederate events? Or, is it possible that this is a completely unrelated event from the plethora of other "Confederate Heritage" groups, and assortment of hate group members who are vowing to march on Saturday? Or, perhaps it's all just an attempt to further confuse, an already confusing mess? Whatever it is, next weekend is shaping up to be "interesting".

Restoring the honor!


  1. I am now being told by non-City sources that the SCV swapped their date to Sunday and they have a permit. The same source seems to believe that the Flaggers and their merry band of followers WILL NOT be marching through town on Saturday, but will instead be corralled in the cemetery. That's not the Flaggers I know and love. I just don't see them being content on being holed up there. If I had to guess, they plan to make good on their promise to "take it to the streets".

  2. Additionally, the anti-racist caravan from NC to Lexington has apparently been cancelled.


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