Are the Virginia Flaggers hanging Brian Rowsey out to dry?

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Folks, take notice of how the Flaggers will do you, if you let them raise a hate flag on your property. They have all but disappeared since the trouble began over their newest hate flag, with Bumbling Brian Rowsey left holding the bag. Rowsey sounds like he is prepared to pay fines and do time over the movement of the illegally placed flagpole eyesore. As soon as someone said the word "fine", it was like the Flaggers forgot all about Saturday. Silent Susan has gone back into hiding, and Bumbling Brian is left to answer all of the tough questions. It puzzles me why anyone would get mixed up with the Flaggers. They can't even cowboy up and take ownership of their own hate flags. How pathetic!

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Now, according to WSET, it looks like the flag will have to come down, even though Rowsey is vowing to defy the County. The craziest thing is that we're being told that Rowsey isn't even the owner of the property, but that didn't stop him from offering the property for sale earlier today. I offered him $3, with a counter offer of $4, plus I threw in some volunteer time, for me to help them pack. He told me to call him, so I don't know if that means we are close to striking a deal, but I can guarantee that if he sells me that land for $4, that ugly rag is coming down and going in the trash. Via WSET:

"ROCKRBIDGE Co., WSET -- An 83-foot flagpole and Confederate flag are causing a stir in Rockbridge County, but not because of the controversial flag. Instead, it's the pole that is causing the problems.
Thursday, the pole was erected in anticipation of a flag ceremony for the Virginia Flaggers, but the county says the pole and the 20x30 flag will have to come down because they violate three different ordinances.
Christopher Slaydon, the assistant director of community development for the county explained them saying, "The structures itself have to be 20 feet from the edge of the road right of way. Not from the edge of the road, but the edge of the road right of way. They're about 18 feet in the front zoning violation. "
He said that a building permit was never issued either, and "You are required to get a building permit for any flagpole that exceeds 30 feet." At 83 feet, the flagpole at 172 Midland Trail almost triples that.
Slaydon also explained that because the property is located within the Tourism Corridor Overlay, a board has to approve all structures before they can be erected.
Slaydon said his office tried to warn both the property owners and the tenants about the zoning ordinances when he learned about the flagpole. "That letter was drafted on Thursday, unfortunately, the conversations and the letter were ignored and the pole went up," he said. Slaydon said because time was of the essence, the letters were hand delivered."

I think in light of these revelations, perhaps it would be best if we wrote to all localities that have been on the receiving end of the hate flags to make sure that all laws and ordinances have been adhered to.

Restoring the honor!


  1. speaking of cancers, you might want to check out Kessler's twitter account. he's going to be on a radio show hosted by Matt Forney -- a particularly slimy fellow.

    1. Yep I saw that, and a bunch of other stuff. We will deal with Mr. Kessler soon.

    2. awesome. please let me know how i can help. i don't do email or fb, but will watch this site for message. thanks for you good work on the flaggers!

    3. The best way people can help is by being extra eyes and ears. I have been getting a ton of anonymous emails lately, and it's been extremely helpful. I can't watch everything, so having extra eyes and ears is always a big help.

      The "Heritage" folks will never admit it, but this blog is a huge thorn in their side. I know that we are having an effect, because I was told by a source that the SCV people in Lexington were highly pissed at the Flaggers. Even within the Heritage movement, the Flaggers have a core of suck-ass followers, but they are also galvanizing a ton of opposition from their own people. A lot of Heritage folks aren't comfortable with their in-your-face style and constant agitation.

      I've had some recent discussions with media types. They are aware of a good deal of information, but I'm being told they are being editorially withstrained from investigating these stories they say they should be. It's total bullshit.

    4. That should read "constrained".

  2. I just spoke with Chris Slaydon at Rockbridge County. He's supposed to forward me some documents, but I've learned some interesting information. I will have more this evening.


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