Anger Management: Jason Kessler admits to punching man on Schilling Show...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Jason Kessler is spinning like a top. He must be getting pretty dizzy! Kessler says that someone screamed in his face, and then he punched him. Now folks, I'm no legal expert, but I don't think admitting to your crime on a radio show is going to help your case. Listen to the entire nauseating show. "Poor Jason" is a victim. LOL! The whole world is out to get him. I love the part where Schilling says it's refreshing to hear someone take responsibility for a change. Funny, I don't recall the same reaction from Schilling after Wes Bellamy apologized. Wrong color, I guess.

(Image courtesy of the Charlottesville District Court)

The Cavalier Daily is reporting that Kessler is facing one year in the slammer, a fine of $2500.00, or both. I'm pulling for the former.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Oustanding, my friend! Here if I can be of help. And thank you.

    1. Unfortunately, our justice system is so helplessly flawed that I doubt Kessler will face much of a consequence. He's already playing up the "I'm sorry" act. I don't believe the guy for the simple fact that he dishonestly used someone else's name to create a petition.

    2. he lies like other people breathe.

      Also check out a cute little groups called The Houston Goylers. kessler likes to retweet its author.

    3. You really need to listen to him slithering like a snake in that podcast with Matt Forney. I think the dude is a total slimeball. He pretends that he isn't "Alt-Right". He feigns shock over Nazi salutes at the NPI conference. Give me a break. The friggin' dude tried to say that nobody in the movement knew who Richard Spencer was. He's the fucking architect of the Alt-Right for God's sake! The guy is so obviously full of shit. This dude uses plausible deniability for everything. He also says that no one has found anything on him, which is bullcrap. I have stuff on him, but I've always learned never to shoot my whole load at once.


  3. I just emailed the reporter at Newsplex and asked him to confirm Kessler's arrest, this was his reply:

    "Charlottesville Police confirmed with us he was arrested.

    There is a common misconception about arrest. Most people don't realize that you can be arrested without being taken to a jail and booked.

    In this case, both the police report and police department say Kessler was arrested.

    Hope this helps!

    Tomás Harmon
    CBS19 News
    (434) 220-7522"

  4. From the Charlottesville Police Department, who confirms that Kessler was arrested (no matter what he wants to call it.)

    "Kessler, Jason Eric: W/M; 33 years of age; resident of Charlottesville.

    Kessler’s arrest is related to an incident that occurred on 01/22/2017 at approximately 10:50am in the 100 block of East Market St. The victim reported that he approached Kessler in order to see what he had on his clip board. The victim advised that he did not like it, told Kessler that and called Kessler an “asshole”. The victim then advised that Kessler assaulted him by punching him in the face. Kessler reported that the victim approached him in an aggressive manner, grabbed his clip board while calling him an asshole. Kessler advised he was scared and punched the victim.

    A permitted warrant was obtained by the victim and Kessler was summonsed to court. No arrest photo is available due to the warrant being permitted.

    Lt. Stephen Upman
    Forensic and Technical Investigative Unit Commander
    Charlottesville Police Department
    Main: 434-970-3280
    Office: 434-970-3377"


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