Who is "WalksThroughFire"?

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Folks, we need your help. We need to find out who is behind the "WalksThroughFire" You Tube page. Whoever it is, they seem to have a real hard-on for obscure videos of Jason Kessler singing bad music. But that's not all. Whoever "WalksThroughFire" is, they have subscribed to multiple white nationalist You Tube pages. A perusal of WalksThroughFire's subscriptions shows that the user subscribed to the You Tube channel for the National Policy Institute/Radix Journal, which are both headed by white nationalist Richard Spencer, who has been the tip of the spear of criticism of the white power movement, ever since the infamous Sieg Heil episode at his recent gathering in Washington, DC. 

Helping to make the snausages.
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Of course, we know how Kessler feels about Richard Spencer thanks to this news report at Cville:

"Before Thanksgiving, Kessler was pretty much an unknown 33-year-old UVA alum who has published a book of poetry, two online novels and a screenplay.
Now he’s far better known for publishing Bellamy’s offensive tweets.
One week after his Bellamy exposé came out, Kessler notes that he’s made international news—the Daily Caller—as well as national news in the San Francisco Chronicle and Washington Post.
And while he accuses Bellamy of being anti-white, Kessler denies that he’s a white supremacist—and explains some of the nuances of the alt-right movement. 
They don’t even know what alt-right is,” he says of those who have condemned him. “They’re trying to frame Richard Spencer and [National Policy Institute] as alt-right. They’re not.”
Spencer, too, is a UVA alum who burst into the national spotlight during the recent election, and has been credited with coining the term “alt-right,” which is widely associated with white supremacist and white nationalist stances.
Kessler says he follows Milo Yiannopoulos, a writer and editor for Breitbart News, widely described as an alt-right publication, who was permanently suspended from Twitter in July for the “targeted abuse or harassment of others,” and Paul Joseph Watson, an editor at Infowars.com, the home of longtime conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and which U.S. News & World Report has called a fake news site."

Selective amnesia? (Image courtesy of Twitter)

Take it from Kessler, who I guess, gets to decide who does and doesn't belong to the "Alt-Right" movement (which is just re-branded white supremacy.) Yes, if you didn't know, he has the power to tell the world who is, and who isn't "Alt-Right". The WalksThroughFire channel is also subscribed to the American Renaissance channel, which is the handiwork of perhaps one of the most well-known intellectual racists alive, Jared Taylor, who Kessler probably isn't a fan of either.

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In addition to the National Policy Institute and American Renaissance, the account is also subscribed to Red Ice TV (a well known white nationalist "media" outlet), as well as a page titled "Tyrant Fashister" which features an avatar of a set of "Echoes" with a bullseye in the center. Echoes are a technology appropriated by white supremacists and Neo-Nazis used to troll and harass Jews mercilessly online.

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But we know that WalksThroughFire definitely isn't Jason Kessler:

The master of CYA. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

And if all of those bad videos of Kessler singing on the WalksThroughFire page isn't your cup of tea, there's always his vomit inducing poetry. And after all the singing and poetry, take a gander at some of his blogging, which coincidentally features all of the same videos seen on the WalksThroughFire page. Talk about coincidences! Folks, if you have any idea who this mysterious You Tuber is, please drop us a line below. And in the event that you have any trouble finding any of the pages, we saved them all for you on the Wayback Machine.

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