Shut It Down: Celebration of white supremacy and treason reportedly to be met with resistance next month...

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Folks, following CARE Rockbridge's announcement of a peace march through Lexington, the Confederate Heritage crowd lost their shit, but now, it's not just one anti-racist group they'll have to contend with, but multiple fronts. According to a new article from the always on their game It's Going Down:

"Three “Southern Heritage” groups with white supremacist ties – ACTBAC from Alamance County, the Virginia Flaggers, and League of the South – are coordinating to organize an annual Confederate memorial service in Lexington, VA on January 14, 2017, in retaliation against the MLK Community Parade organized by CARE Rockbridge, an anti-racist organization.
ACTBAC held a rally for Trump on 11.08, has issued threats on social media against a planned mosque, held Confederate memorial rallies at UNC-Chapel Hill, and has had members show up armed at HB2 protests. They are a pro-Confederacy organization that wants to have confederate flags raised on the Interstate. They are likewise the “sister” organization of Citizens of North Carolina Against Relocation of Muslim Refugees. The Virginia Flaggers also want Confederate flags raised on the I-95, and they protested the removal of a confederate memorial in 07.15. The League of the South is an open white-supremacist and neo-confederate organization with ties to the KKK, National Socialist Movement (NSM), and the Traditionalist Worker Party. Matthew Heimbach is also a member of LotS.
We are not going to allow these organizations to march. This is a call out to all #antifa crews, affinity-groups and local chapters to mobilize and #shutitdown.
#WorkersAssemble will be organizing a caravan of #antifa/anti-racist comrades to shut down “Southern Heritage” white-supremacists. We will be assembling a caravan to leave for Lexington at 8:00AM from Durham, NC. It’s time to organize, protect one another, and #fightback. We will be coordinating our caravan with any others that are heading to Lexington."

Well, that just got interesting, now didn't it? It's not just that "Confederate Heritage" are code words for white supremacy, but also that the people who are the "leaders" in the "Confederate Heritage" movement refuse to denounce or distance themselves from those they claim not to have any association with. Why is that?

Restoring the honor! 


  1. Folks, as best I can tell, the CARE Rockbridge group has nothing to do with this latest call to shut down the Neo-Confederates and white nationalists. These appear to be separate efforts. The small group who will be flyering that weekend, is also a separate group I'm told.

  2. This is priceless!:

    "We drove through Danville and soon found the ESG Security SUV in a parking lot on the edge of Danville’s downtown. They’d found something. The white-haired newscaster stood outside, flanked by his private security guards, talking to a tall man with a wild grey beard. He wore a black leather cowboy hat and a denim jacket bearing at least 10 Confederate flag patches. There were two trucks nearby. One bore the Virginia license plate CNFEDRT.

    The bearded man’s was named George Randall. He and the two women with him were bewildered, like Custer caught in an ambush. “We’re not part of the Klan,” Randall said. They were part of a group called the Virginia Flaggers, whose motto was “Heritage, not hate”. Periodically they held rallies to preserve Southern heritage and fly the Southern flag. He said he hadn’t heard anything about a Klan rally, and hated getting confused with the Klan. This kind of mix-up, he said, was the fault of the media. And the young people. And the liberals. He monologued for a time, at one point complaining about a woman he’d seen on the internet defecating on a picture of Trump. While he was speaking two more cars, carrying activists and journalists, pulled into the parking lot. Randall looked alarmed.

    “We better get out of here,” said one of the women in the CNFEDRT truck. Randall jumped in and they took off."

  3. This one is pretty great too!:

    "While the protesters waited around for a Klan parade that was looking increasingly unlikely, a small group of aging white people in downtown Danville stood outside the building where Confederate president Jefferson Davis lived during the final week of the Civil War, waving Confederate flags as drivers honked and waved back.

    "We've been here every Saturday since March 5. This is our 41st Saturday in a row," said Wayne Byrd, who is the president of Danville's Heritage Preservation Association, the group staging the demonstration. In August 2015, Danville made flying the Confederate flag on city property illegal, prompting the HPA to file a lawsuit against the city as another group called the Virginia Flaggers raised a 30-by-50-foot flag just outside town in protest.

    Sporting a gray hooded sweatshirt with his organization's logo embroidered on the chest, a red baseball cap, and a bushy, faded blond beard, Byrd seemed genial enough, even if you take issue with his reading of the Civil War. "The way we see it," he told me, "blacks and whites got together in 1861 and fought the federal government for states' rights. The government don't want black and white people to come together again, so they keep us agitated through racism."

    When I asked him how advocating for a flag that many people see as a racist symbol would actually help combat racism, Byrd grew defensive. "You've got your racists in all your races. I would consider Black Lives Matter and the NAACP"—he paused, shifting into PR mode—"some might consider them and their ideals to be racist, just like they would the Ku Klux Klan or the Aryan Nation."

    Though Byrd disavowed having any affiliation with the Klan and said he hadn't heard anything about a KKK parade coming through Danville, the linkage between the Confederacy and the Klan are pretty undeniable. One of Byrd's associates sported a jean jacket with a portrait of Nathan Bedford Forrest—a former Confederate general who went on to serve as the first Grand Wizard of the KKK—lovingly airbrushed on the back."

    1. Oops, forgot to link:

  4. Mouth of the South says ANTIFA won't be shutting anyone down.

    Make popcorn!


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