Hate Not Heritage: Neo-Nazi slated to join "Heritage" community for Lee-Jackson Day events...

Hate group encourages participants to bring Confederate hate flags and Southern White Nationalist flags to Lee-Jackson Day events. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

On January 13th and 14th, 2017, several "Confederate Heritage" groups are planning to gather in Lexington, Virginia to celebrate the Confederate cause, otherwise known as white supremacy. Among the groups slated to gather together are the Virginia Flaggers, ACTBAC NC, members of the South Carolina Secessionist Party, and most disturbingly of all, members and associates of the white nationalist hate group the League of the South.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Among the participants who have indicated that they are attending, via the hate groups Facebook event page, are some very familiar faces, like Kelly Bowles, Jess Blevins (who we hear, was recently spotted at accused child pornography enthusiast/"Heritage" activist Jason Sulser's trial), Kathleen Randall Faulkner, Donna Randall and Gregory Randall.

(All images courtesy of Facebook)

Perhaps the scariest participant of all is Shaun Winkler, a well-known and longtime Neo-Nazi/Klansman. Winkler has belonged to a wide range of white supremacist groups over the years, such as the Aryan Nations and National Socialist Movement, but has most recently been involved with the League of the South.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Winkler can be seen below in his Klan robe, with his hood pulled back, next to his "LOTIE" wife, Shaelyn Winkler

(Image courtesy of VK)

Folks, we should note that the primary organizer of events on January 13th and 14th are the Virginia Flaggers. Recently, the Flaggers removed a post to their Facebook page by a Klansman, yet they DID NOT denounce him or the Klan. We all know why. Don't think on it too hard. Folks, don't expect them to denounce Winkler or the League of the South either. And, just to show you what a pathetic piece of garbage Winkler is, and why it's so disturbing that they won't denounce him, white nationalism, or their League of the South BFF's, see this comment from Winkler below, in which he calls alleged mass murderer (and self-described white nationalist) Dylann Roof a "young hero".

(Image courtesy of VK)

Yes folks, that Dylann Roof. The same one seen below confessing to the murders of nine innocent African-American churchgoers. Folks, these are the kinds of sick, disgusting people who will be celebrating white supremacy in Lexington, Virginia this coming January.

Folks, if these so-called "Confederate Heritage" activists do not denounce these white nationalists, that is the exact same thing as offering tacit support to their hateful cause. Let's be honest, at the end of the day, "Confederate Heritage" is just re-packaged white supremacy, and that's the real reason why they won't speak up about this kind of stuff. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. Even if they were to denounce Winkler (which I doubt will happen), there are still 46 other individuals who have indicated through the hate groups event page that they will be attending. It is virtually impossible that these folks are unaware of who the League of the South is, or what they stand for. It is also near impossible that the Heritage community as a whole is unaware. Yet there is no denouncement of the League of the South. There are no observable words or actions on behalf of the Heritage community which proves their oft repeated mantra of "Heritage not Hate" has any substance. We are talking about a community which tacitly supports white nationalism, the same white nationalism that spawned Dylann Roof. This community should be judged on their words and actions.


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