Jason Kessler: "Googles gonna google..."

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I'm sorry. "Googles"? Via Know Your Meme:

Operation Google is the codename of a raid launched against Google’s Artificial Intelligence program Jigsaw Conversation in retaliation against censorship and to have the A.I. filter out Google’s own sites in searches."

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Jigsaw Conversation
Jigsaw, a small subsidiary of Google, introduced a Conversation A.I. to identify “negative comments” left by hateful trolls in comment threads and delete them. These include comments deemed “sexist, racist, transphobic, Islamophobic,” etc. The A.I. would also block search results for posts that contained racial and transphobic. According to The Verge and Wired, while the Google claims the A.I. is 92% effective, it has some problems identifying nuances of human language.
On /pol/
On September 21st, 2016, a thread was posted on /pol/ discussing the new A.I program and how people would start to use the phrase “Google” instead of “nigger” as a workaround."

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"If you’ve been seeing this around /pol/ you’re probably wondering, "why the fuck would we say “Google” instead of nigger? It’s dumb and cringy as fuck", well to answer this it’s done after Google’s recent announcement to censor certain words looked through their search engine just to keep safe spaces extra “safe”. Our response is to make it so Google would have to censor their own company by making them a racial slur towards blacks.

Soon, a list of replacements for slurs (i.e. Jews/Kyke=Skype) surfaced on /pol/ (shown below)."

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Well now, that's interesting. Good thing Jason has a human shield!

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Maybe some reporters could ask Jason about the "Googles" tomorrow night, starting at 7pm? 

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Who wouldn't love to hear his explanation, straight from the horses mouth? I know I would!

Restoring the honor!


  1. A great, and balanced article by Christopher Suarez. There are some serious questions about motivation and tactics here.


    It's been reported that Kessler, who has done nothing but try to promote this story as much as humanly possible, stole a woman's identity to create a petition that he was too "shy" to create in his own name. Sure.


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