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Shannon Fontaine's curious choice of words. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, even when they aren't trying, they can't disguise their obvious resentment of peoples of color. It's the subtle hints they send that confirm that, which we already know to be true. They're pretty butthurt folks. The Blue Ribbon Commission empaneled by the Charlottesville City Council went on record last evening, and stated before the public some hard facts and truths that the Confederate Heritage community refuses to accept, namely that their ancestors were white supremacists as well as architects and enablers of oppression. The historical record on this point is clear, said the Commission. The Commission offered their final report to the City Council with recommendations on how to move forward on removing, moving, renaming or re-contextualizing the divisive and one-sided Confederate symbology. 

Confederate reality tv star, Susan Hathaway clumsily stumbles her way to nowhere in
Charlottesville. (Image courtesy of the Charlottesville City Council)

ICYMI, you can watch video of Susan Hathaway, trying and failing to make a valid point. We were expecting a BIG BANG, but as usual, the Confederacy went down again, with just a whimper, tail tucked between it's legs, as it waddled away. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. JK retweeted this:

    Jason Kessler Retweeted
    Kevin Jackson ‏@KevinJacksonTBS 11h11 hours ago
    #WesBellamy: Latest Black Race Pimp to be Exposed

    Here is the text:
    Wes Bellamy: Latest Black Race Pimp to be Exposed
    by Kevin Jackson | Dec 19, 2016
    One of the public services we at The Black Sphere team and Tea Party Community will do is to expose race pimps. Then we will eradicate them.
    Currently we are gathering information on all these anti-American ethno-centric racists. Once we have an extensive list, we will destroy them one by one, as a public service. Because of our efforts, your grandchildren and great grandchildren may never know what a race pimp is, if we are successful.

    For now however, race pimps flourish. And we have target one such race pimp, namely Vice Mayor of Charlottesville, VA, Wes Bellamy.

    Charlottesville sounds like a quaint little town in America. However the city represents the epicenter of demonic Democrat activity. Along with racist Wes Bellamy, the city hosts Khizr Khan, the con man the Democrats featured during their convention. Khan fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood, and exposes the evil core of Democrats as it relates to their love of the “religion of grief.”

    Because of Khan and his cohorts, Charlottesville has been overrun with refugees. Thus the town is rightfully concerned.

  2. I think Susan has made those Criminal and Civil Lawsuit threats before...maybe even in the same chamber. That is all she has left in her quiver is the threat of litigation...but I have to well would she follow through on those threats. My guess is it would be Norwood "Tripp" Lewis style threat. All bark and no bite.

    1. Well, if you read the Commissions report, they included the memo from the City's attorney about legal ramifications. The attorney found that they couldn't fully answer the question of legality because each case is different, and has different circumstances. The threat of legal action in this case I think is real, but this is just red meat for the throng of dumb followers of the Flaggers. It will likely have no effect except to tie this up in court and waste a bunch of money (but isn't that really their goal anyway, create a bunch of go-nowhere drama?) Look at Danville as an example. The HPA was sooooo sure they had such a great slam dunk case, but look at how it turned out. I'm no lawyer, but what legal standing does Susan Hathaway or the VA Flaggers have? None that I can see. What criminal case law are they planning to invoke? The law against doing something they don't personally like? The Heritage folks act like they are the owners of these monuments, they're not. Why are the Flaggers involved anyway? Dont they have drama to create in Sandston?

      Last night they were dealt a huge blow when the Commission publicly tied the Confederacy and white supremacy together.

    2. By the way, one trick ponys don't need a quiver.

    3. Its not that there may be laws prohibiting the movement of the statue, it simply that they will likely not have the balls to file suit.

    4. I'm thinking Fred Taylor will likely be the attorney.

      Legally, I think they will lose this fight.


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