How many Confederate parades will there be in Lexington on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend?

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The Virginia Flaggers have now announced that the Edmund Ruffin Fire-Eaters Camp will be leading "our march through Lexington". But is that under the permit issued to Stonewall Brigade Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and if so, what permit are the other two Confederate parades being done under?

Susan Hathaway claims there will be 3 Confederate parades. (Image courtesy of

We are trying to get confirmation of the number of permitted Confederate parades from the city of Lexington. Standby. But here is what the city code has to say about the matter.

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Restoring the honor!


  1. I have an email in to Lexington City Manager Noah Simon for clarification on the number of permitted parades. As best I can determine, there is only one permitted Confederate parade.

  2. Mayor of Lexington has responded to my email and says they have no knowledge of any parades except the one by CARE and the other by the SCV. That conflicts with Hathaway's social media post which indicates 3 Confederate parades. Still waiting on a response from City Manager Noah Simon.

  3. Rb, Carl told you how many... TWO! (Count 'em) TWO! He accurately deduced this number from his accurate count by the addition of one parade plus one plus parade accurately equals TWO parades! Ah-Ah-Ahhhh!!!!

  4. I received a follow-up email which states one parade. Still no word from the Cuty Manager (though it is a weekend).

  5. Folks, I am being told that the SCV's permit is for Sunday, and it appears the only permit for Saturday is CARE's. The Mayor seems to be under the impression that the Flaggers are only gathering at the cemetery, but postings on social media show otherwise. This could get interesting.

  6. I just received an email from Captain Mark Riley of the Lexington Police Department.

    "The Virginia Flaggers have not been approved for any parade permits at this time. There is a parade permit for Saturday (CARES) and a parade permit for Sunday (SVC)."

    Others have pointed out that the Flaggers might be playing semantics games.

    When they say they plan to "march", do they mean in a procession, in the street? Or do do they mean they will be on the sidewalk? How large of a group will it be? At this point, only the Flaggers know. Make popcorn.


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