Hate Not Heritage: The surprising Twitter user followed by the Virginia Flaggers...

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

That fine Twitter user up there is @OPERATIONDINGO, otherwise known as "LIVEFREEORDIE"

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

@OPERATIONDINGO is followed by the official Virginia Flaggers Twitter account. That's quite surprising, especially once you dig into @OPERATIONDINGO's Twitter account and have a look around. The first thing that jumps out at you, is that @OPERATIONDINGO has placed a hashtag for the "14 Words" right in his account description. The 14 Words is a white power slogan coined by David Eden Lane. Most recently, the trial of white nationalist mass murderer Dylann Roof revealed his support for the 14 Words. As can be seen below, Roof lived by the 14 Words, as do many white nationalists.

Convicted white nationalist mass murderer Dylann Roof. (Image courtesy of the Daily Beast)

A portion of white nationalist mass murderer Dylann Roof's journal featuring a handmade "14/88" logo. The "14" references the white power mantra, the "14 Words". (Image courtesy of the New York Times)

If you click on the #14Words hashtag, it brings you to veritable cornucopia of Twitter posts which reference the benign sounding "14 Words". To add a little "context", here is a small sampling:

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Now folks, isn't that just special? But it doesn't stop there folks, just take a wander through ol' LIVEFREEORDIE's feed for some warm and fuzzies.

(All images courtesy of Twitter)

He's even got the "fashy" haircut down.

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

We better add him to the flyers for Lexington, just in case. After all, you never know who the Flaggers AREN'T Going to denounce and distance themselves from.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)


It has been suggested that the Twitter user above is Carlos Lesters. Trying to confirm. 

Is @OPERATIONDINGO Carlos Lesters? (Image courtesy of Twitter)

Is Carlos Lesters @OPERATIONDINGO? You tell me. (Image
courtesy of Twitter)

Please note, at this time, this is just speculation, although there are several observations I have made based upon the material posted by this user (plus an uncanny physical resemblance) which leads me to believe this user could very well be Lesters. Make popcorn. 


Blocked by @OPERATIONDINGO. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

That didn't take long. From the time it took to tweet @OPERATIONDINGO, until the time that @OPERATIONDINGO blocked me, maybe 10 minutes...


(Image courtesy of Twitter)

And another 10 minutes was all it took for the account to disappear completely.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Isn't the guy with all the bumper stickers on his truck gate C. C. Lesters?

    1. Wait a second... I'm not sure. Is that him? Can anyone confirm? I have more photos.

    2. Here is his mugshot for comparison. Looks very close. Same guy?


  2. 100 percent confirmed that this was Carlos Lesters. I will have a follow-up post tonight with some more info. Oddly enough, complete silence from the Flaggers.

  3. In related news and ICYMI:



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