Hate Not Heritage: Just a reminder, this guy's apparently coming to Lexington too...

Shaun Winkler hates "niggers" and "Kikes", but loves Confederate rags. (Image courtesy of VK.com)

"Hey, look, over there! Pay no mind to the fact that we don't care that Klansmen, Neo-Nazis and other white nationalists are coming with us." That's more or less what the "Confederate Heritage" movement is saying, by saying nothing at all. Folks, they have more than enough fair warning and chances. At this point, they are just brazenly ignoring this. I say that we judge them by their actions, not their false words.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

So let me get this straight... An anti-racist group are "extremists", but Winkler, who called convicted white nationalist mass murderer Dylann Roof a "young hero" doesn't even warrant a denouncement? I see... Is it any wonder that they will be facing so much resistance next month?

Restoring the honor!


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