Hate Not Heritage: Is this Flagger a Nazi?

White Nationalist Ron Doggett flags with the Virginia Flaggers in Richmond. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

That strapping young lad up there in the green is Ron Doggett, a longtime white nationalist activist. You can read all about Ronny here and here (including his apparent bromance with David Duke). Doggett pops up from time to time in the Richmond/greater Virginia area with a wide range of groups and individuals.

Ron Doggett seen here with Shane Long. (Image courtesy of One People's Project)

A few years back, there was a dual hate group rally in Richmond, Virginia co-organized by the League of the South and the Council of Conservative Citizens. The Council of Conservative Citizens was cited by convicted mass murderer Dylann Roof as one of his entry points into white nationalism. Doggett was among the many participants.

(Image courtesy of VNN)

(Images courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

Here are some wonderful quotes of Mr. Doggett via the Southern Poverty Law Center profile:

""Here in the state of Virginia our Confederate History Month proclamations became so watered down with nods towards the non-Whites they weren't even worth supporting. We can't ever have anything just for Whites...I wonder what a true Confederate (White Supremacist) brought to today's time would think of the cowardly defenders of his cause." 
— Ron Doggett post to the white nationalist forum Vanguard News Network, March 16, 2007

"Ya' know, Europeans founded this country, created this country, and I believe the only way to maintain it is by our racial stock. If Americans are replaced by Mexicans, Haitians, or whatever Third World country we're talking about, then America will cease to exist as we know it and love it." 
— Ron Doggett, quoted in Homeland: Into a World of Hate

"Who gives a damn what niggers think with their 85 or lower IQs? Nothing is ever gained by their presence, so flush them." 
— Ron Doggett post to the forum of Vanguard News Network, January 2005

"If it wasn't for the Klan in reconstruction the White south would have been destroyed. So cheers to the Invisible Empire, 140 years old today." 
— Ron Doggett post to the forum of Vanguard News Network, Dec. 24, 2005"

(Image courtesy of WRIC)

But it was some Stormfront posts, and a local Virginia news report that recently caught our eye. Via WRIC ABC News 8:

"COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WRIC) — “White Lives Matter” flyers were found in Colonial Heights and neighbors up and down Piedmont Avenue say they aren’t going to let the flyers, some call racist, break the close bond that they share with many of their neighbors of all races.
“It’s not welcome around here, not at all,” said Tiffanie Massengale, who lives on Piedmont Avenue.
An unwelcome message delivered in a small baggie to residents over the weekend.
“With all this racism around here, we don’t want that around here, we don’t need that.” said Massengale.
The flyers showed up on random front lawns, it advertised “White Lives Matter.” The website which advertised on the flyer links to images of a swastika, and says “we are the movement of Adolf Hitler.”"

Another sample image of a typical "New Order" flyer. (Image courtesy of Stormfront)

Now folks, we cannot definitively link Doggett to THIS Nazi flyer drop, but...

(Images courtesy of Stormfront)

And remember that nerd in the photos with Doggett up above? Check it out:

(Images courtesy of Stormfront)

Oooops! Busted! But that's not all.

Who is the hillbilly in the Confederate rag hat? By the way, is that Crater Rd.? You know what else is on Crater Rd. don't you? (Image courtesy of Stormfront)

And just what is "The New Order"? Maybe their website will yield some clues...

(Image courtesy of The New Order)

Folks, don't you agree that it's time for the Flaggers to speak out against white nationalism? I do. What's wrong Susan? Too skeered?

Restoring the honor!


  1. Since we know that Norwood "Tripp" Lewis is monitoring this site...waiting to pounce on some nugget with his fake Twitter accounts of "Goadzilla" and "Proxy" maybe he would like to comment on the acceptance of these racists in his little Virginia Flaggers group.

    C'mon Norwood...what say you?

    1. Those are his accounts? Wow. I knew whoever was behind them was pathetic, but... Wow! Have you ever seen such an incompetent "hacker" in your entire life?

      We actually have no idea how the Flaggers feel about all of these deplorables, who say they are coming, because they never address it. Low on the priority list, I guess. Perhaps if they had black skin we'd be able to get 70 or 80 tweets out of them...


    2. He came after me too, but he never does anything to follow up his threats.

    3. I think it will come out one day who is behind those accounts, and I think it's going to be massively embarrassing for certain people when it does. It's pretty clear that it is someone connected to Confederate heritage because of the limited scope of the targets. I also found it really interesting that the hacker refers to me as "Destroy", which to my knowledge, was a nickname coined by Chastain, and I don't really ever recall anyone using it but her. The crazy thing is, the fake hacker keeps trying to peddle bad information that originates from white power websites, which is really strange, because we all know that Confederate Heritage has nothing to do with the white power crowd. It's all just so weird. Not to mention, the fake hacker claimed to have hacked Wes Bellamy, promised they were going to release some of the hack, then changed subjects. It's pretty clear whoever is behind it, they aren't a hacker, just a low intelligence inbred.


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