Do the Flaggers have any idea how many hate flags they've raised?

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, ain't she a beaut? How many does that make now, 6...7... hundred? Just kidding. But seriously, how many have they raised? Apparently, even the Flaggers don't care enough to count. In July, the Flaggers said 27.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

But now, after raising their latest hate flag, they're claiming 24. What the what? I guess technically, they are losing ground? Nothing like going backwards.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Now folks, this isn't the first time they've lost count. Sloppy Flaggers, just sloppy! The great thing about not knowing the actual number is that you can just make up whatever you want, I guess? Now we've gone ahead and added this newest wonder to the ol' hate flag tracker, and we've got some handy maps below to get you in the vicinity if you ever get the hankerin' to go check 'er out fer yerself sometime.

(Images courtesy of Google Maps)

And just in case you're still having trouble locating the old girl, our good buddy Tommy's gotcha covered. Thanks bud.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Well, thanks for that!

Restoring the honor!


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