Catfight: Michael Hill's observation, apparently inspires Brad Griffin's stinging rebuttal...

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Michael Hill's Facebook post (seen above) has prompted a stinging response from fellow Southern Nationalist Brad Griffin. Via Occidental Dissent:

"I don’t think militias, survivalism or violent apocalyptic rhetoric – the 1980s and 1990s is the way forward. When I joined the League of the South, it was none of those things. Because of L├╝genpresse guilt by association, I had to deal with the aftermath of the Dylann Roof shooting in Charleston. I’ve never wanted to be associated with violent vanguardists like that. I don’t want to attract or encourage unstable people who do stupid things.
Why would I want to do that? If you spend all your time patrolling a rural area, building a bunker, prepping for the collapse of civilization, saber rattling, all you are doing in succeeding in marginalizing yourself. You are showing your lack of interest in persuading people to join your cause. Even if it is true the system can’t be reformed, I think it is still true that participating in politics is vastly more effective at getting our message out. That’s my takeway from Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul and Donald Trump.
One last thing: if you want to go down that road, then fine. I don’t really care. I’m going to do something else. There are people all over the internet doing their own thing and we should accept that."

Folks, of all the people who call themselves "Southern Nationalists", about the most level headed that you will find is Brad Griffin. Just look at this vomit worthy exchange to get an idea of the direction that this heavily infiltrated hate group has been heading for many years now. Griffin can clearly see the trainwreck that lies ahead.

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Folks, we can all see that Hill has been growing increasingly frustrated. That tends to happen when the old bank account starts running low.

"A lot". Nuff said. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Y'all get them dues in now, ya hear?

Restoring the honor!


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