Are the Virginia Flaggers preparing to defy the City of Lexington on MLK Day weekend?

A vague message appeared tonight on a Virginia Flaggers Facebook page, following this mornings announcement that the Lexington City Council had voted to extend permits to CARE Rockbridge and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, but NOT to the Virginia Flaggers.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)


"Through November, City Manager Noah Simon fielded a series of applications and emails from the groups, as well as a third organization, the Virginia Flaggers. And now after a pair of votes, CARE will parade on Saturday, the SCV on Sunday, and the Flaggers not at all.
“Let them have their march and we can do ours,” Rankin says.
“It seems like everybody is happy," Early says. "Satisfied.”
The Virginia Flaggers withdrew their parade permit requests. Instead, they will merely "gather" at "Stonewall" Jackson's tomb Saturday afternoon."

While we don't yet know what kind of wild antics the Flaggers have in store for the city of Lexington on January 13th and 14th, we do know that if past performance is any indication, they are planning on going all out with their trademark brand of agitation. But communities are obviously growing tired of their shenanigans, as evidenced by this years displacement, by an Anti-Racist community group, CARE Rockbridge. Folks, there's no telling what they're going to do, but I'm sure that their war room is a flurry of activity tonight, brainstorming all the myriad ways they plan to punish Lexington for not giving them what they want. Folks, how on earth do they plan to hold events throughout the city when they don't have a permit?

Restoring the honor!


  1. Folks, our good friend Connie just sent a comment through on this post. It would have appeared here, but instead of using up this space on more of her nonsense designed to tie up my time and distract me from doing real work, I'm going to use it to let her know that she's been permanently banned from commenting. I warned her many times what the rules were, but she just can't seem to follow them. Connie has multiple blogs she can speak freely on, plus multiple social media accounts, so I suggest she go there. I had been allowing her to continue to comment, partially because I liked the back and forth with her, but it's been becoming increasingly clear, she has nothing substantive to offer in the way of rational thought on any topics.


  2. Parade on?

    I mean, this could be interesting. A news report says they have no permit, yet they are still planning to gather and march through Lexington? Am I interpreting this correctly? Are they planning to break the law?

    Folks, now is a good time to remind everyone that free speech has limits. This is why there is permitting for large gatherings. Are they trying to force Lexington's hand? And will Lexington cave?

  3. Folks, I wouldn't be surprised to see more "vandalisms" in the near future, or some other sort of theatrical production aimed at generating sympathy for the poor, downtrodden Confederate Heritage movement. We do tend to see these occurrences shortly after a spate of bad publicity.

  4. They have parking figured out...but what about restrooms?

    1. I heard that it's not illegal to piss on a Confederate flag in public. Can anyone confirm? Asking, for a friend.

    2. I believe a kid named Calvin can confirm. I see him pissing on plenty of things. I've seen him pissing on a Confederate Flag.

    3. Expression of Free Speech I would imagine.

  5. Mayor of Lexington has responded to my email and says they have no knowledge of any parades except the one by CARE and the other by the SCV. That conflicts with Hathaway's social media post which indicates 3 Confederate parades. Still waiting on a response from City Manager Noah Simon.

  6. I just received an email from Captain Mark Riley of the Lexington Police Department.

    "The Virginia Flaggers have not been approved for any parade permits at this time. There is a parade permit for Saturday (CARES) and a parade permit for Sunday (SVC)."

    Others have pointed out that the Flaggers might be playing semantics games.

    When they say they plan to "march", do they mean in a procession, in the street? Or do do they mean they will be on the sidewalk? How large of a group will it be? At this point, only the Flaggers know. Make popcorn.


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