The Big Grift: Where in the world is ACTBAC's Roadside Battle Flag?

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

I don't think Susan is a very good teacher. Either that or Gary fell asleep during Flagger Accounting 101. How sad that it has to come to this, Flaggers turning on their own, following promise after unfulfilled promise. Folks, ACTBAC could easily prove their trustworthiness by raising the stupid rag already or showing us the damn money, but it looks like they'd rather talk about something else instead.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Folks, one of the biggest rules of charitable giving is checking out the background of the charity. ACTBAC claims to be a non-profit, but on a State run non-profit database, they can't be located. ACTBAC has refused to respond to my email inquiries. This all looks really, really bad, but this is what the "Heritage" movement has become, one giant Pyramid Scheme. Folks, these guys are small potatoes, the Virginia Flaggers are rolling in the big bucks, but what exactly do they have to show for it? Not much. 5 years, 20-or-so hate flags? That's it? If ACTBAC had any decency, they would either commit to raising the rag like they promised or show these poor folks their money.

  2. Did he ever get the money to get his tooth fixed?


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