Showing Matthew Heimbach the exit...

(Image courtesy of Civil War Memory)

That's how the Virginia Flaggers deal with Matthew Heimbach, and this is how I deal with that little turd.

No one in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania heard one word of these racist fucks today.

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

Despite media reports, there were 500+ opposition to their 50, and the noise was so loud that not a single person heard anything they had to say. Heimbach and his Nazi goon buddies need to follow their leader.

Restoring the honor!


  1. The Nazis are MAD that Heimbach had mean words yelled at him. They are leaving comments on Facebook calling me a "faggot" and telling me to "catch a bullet". LOL! Triggered! That's what the entire day was like yesterday, 500 people screaming at the tops of their lungs, beating on drums, blowing air horns, and other methods of creating so much noise, that the Nazis effectively traveled to Harrisburg for nothing. It was a great day of total FAIL for Nazis.


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