Reading The Tea Leaves: Trump's Electoral College map...

(Image courtesy of the Donald Trump campaign)

Folks, I received this email from the Trump campaign tonight. It's a standard fundraising email, but purports to include a map detailing states that they think are safe for Trump, ones that will go to Clinton, and states that they consider to be toss-ups. Now folks, a campaign isn't going to show it's hand. This map could very possibly be total bullshit. But lets take a look for shits and grins. Via a Trump campaign fundraising email:

""I’ve updated the map below to reflect our internal polling. Red states are still considered safe Trump states. Blue states fit safely in Hillary’s column. Gray states are toss-ups, but the new addition of pink states show where our hard work has been paying off the most.
As you can see above, we have strengthened our leads in six battleground states: Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Maine, North Carolina, and Nevada. If this trend continues until Election Day, we can bank on 266 electoral votes."

Trump's 266 Electoral College vote bank map. (Image courtesy of 270toWin)

"From there, we only need ONE of the following states to win (in order of where we’re doing best): Colorado, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia, New Mexico, or Minnesota."

Trump can only capitalize on Part B, if Part A is inline like they say. But is it? I think Ohio and Iowa are gone. Trump will win both of those states. I do not believe that Maine or Nevada (and especially Nevada where I hear Democrat early voting has surpassed 2012 levels) will go Trump. Florida and North Carolina are the big "if's". We will keep watching...

Restoring the honor! 


  1. Early voting ends:

    Colorado - Tue, Nov 8

    Florida - Sat, Nov 5

    Iowa - Mon, Nov 7

    Maine - Mon, Nov 7

    Michigan - Sat, Nov 5

    Minnesota - Mon, Nov 7

    Nevada - Fri, Nov 4

    North Carolina - Sat, Nov 5

    Ohio - Mon, Nov 7

    No early voting in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania or Virginia.

    By Saturday night, we may have some clues about what needs to happen on election day in Nevada, North Carolina and Florida based on EV numbers. Although th black vote is dow, I'm hearing Latinos are voting in huge numbers in Florida. Women are crushing in North Carolina. Both demographics favor Clinton.

  2. LOL!

    Just go read it for a laugh!

  3. So you don't think the biggest and worse corruption scandal in the history of the country, which Hillary is smack in the center of, will affect how people vote?

    For those who STILL don't get it:

    "So in the final week of the campaign the plot twists arrange themselves in a remarkably straightforward manner. The FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation - because it’s a criminal enterprise: if you give a million bucks to the the Clintons’ charity, sixty grand goes to charity and the remaining 940,000 goes to fund the lifestyles of Bill, Hillary, Chelsea and their various malodorous associates ...

    "For four years, however, those donations also bought you access to the US Secretary of State. That’s why Mrs Clinton and her coterie ... determined to use a private server. Because the pay-for-play was so unsubtle you couldn’t have it sitting on State Department emails destined for the National Archives."

    ~~Mark Steyn

    1. No. The Left doesn't care about Hillary's scandals. I have a strong suspicion they're going to elect Clinton next week.

      Now what's going on with the MLK Day Parade/Protest/Rally/Whatever? Are y'all just going to go silent on it, now that you realized how dumb you made yourselves look with such a foolish gamble that had no chance of paying off? I don't think the Flaggers ever had any desire to hold an event on the Holiday, y'all just made a serious miscalculation. I can't wait for the event because it WILL be documented who is there with the Flaggers. It's common knowledge that the LOSers are planning an event on the same day at the same location. Several straight up Nazis have indicated interest. It will be noted that there will be no resistance from the Heritage folks.

    2. The FBI is not investigating the Clinton Foundation. You got hooked on another one of those right wing media sites that make up their stories for people like you. But then you lie so much you wouldn't know what the truth was if it bit you on your big ass.

    3. Hillary's a crook and a liar, so what? What politician isn't? I don't really care, I want to see her elected to stop a Neo-Fascist from holding the highest office in the land. I'm with her because we want the Supreme Court. Sure, Clinton is going to be Republican-Lite, but that's better then the Fourth Reich.

      Connie believes whatever the talking heads tell her to, she's a bobblehead.

    4. Yes, Dimmy, the FBI is investigating the Clintons as well as their sleazy, criminal foundation -- and all kinds of related things . What do you think the Lynch and the DOJ have been trying to obstruct? FBI investigation of illegal candy corn trafficking?

      Comey reopened the email investigation because his agency was in mutiny; three hundred letters of resignation from FBI agents stacked on his desk, many of them from the white collar crime division that had been investigating the Clinton Foundation for over a year.

      And the NYPD is investigating the Clintons' ties to Jeffrey Epstein and his jaunts to pedophile island....

      Obstruction of justice, Hillary's server hacked into by five foreign governments (and who have they shared the info with?), Anthony Weiner's illegal and dangerous access to classified State Department information put on his personal laptop by his wife, and on and on and on...

      Of course you don't care, Jacob. Like everyone on the left, when this country falls and unfathomable human misery results, you'd celebrate like Muslims on New Jersey rooftops after the planes hit the buildings.... because death and destruction are the left's fundamental underlying motives.

      Re; Lee Jackson Day. Silent? You think because you don't have access to information that there is no information? I love watching your hissy-fits when you wanna know something you can't find out. LOL!

    5. No, the FBI is not investigating the Clinton Foundation. You're just getting your information from the alt-right where they make up stories for people like you who are dumb enough to believe anything if it makes you feel good.

      Keep ranting. In four days you will be whining even louder.

    6. No one cares about the noise, just GOTV. It's time to end this error. Everyone GO VOTE!

    7. Connie Chastain: Who knew that by doubling one's blogs one saw one's impact slip even more?

      At some point we understand that she provides cheap entertainment here. At least she's more entertaining than Jessie Sanford.

  4. Poor Chastain. The Comey-Go-Round has ended again.

  5. Fox News also lied about the non-existent imminent indictments.


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