Opinion: Why I think Wes Bellamy should sue for libel...

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Folks, Wes Bellamy did a really, really horrible and despicable thing. His comments were racist, sexist, homophobic, and all around despicable, and any reasonable human being would denounce them without hesitation, as do I. Despite that, he cannot and should not be jailed for his speech, no matter how despicable. I don't advocate that even for people I really, really don't like. That being said, a new blog and Facebook page popped up today, and I'd like to take a second to talk about why, in my opinion, after this is all over, Bellamy should seek out the responsible party, and sue them in a court of law for libel. The post above labels Bellamy a "sex predator". Although Bellamy's tweets were sexist, chauvinistic, and seemed to glorify rape, there is NO EVIDENCE that I have seen that this man is a "sex predator"

What he did was wrong, but no reason to stop hm from being able to walk down a street. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

This is the fatal flaw that this mysterious poster has made, they have knowingly posted an untrue statement about Mr. Bellamy. If ever there was a hill Mr. Bellamy should stand on, in my opinion, this is the one. A note about anonymity. Yes, this was done anonymously, but what Mr. or Mrs. "Mysterious" must be too dumb to know is that Mr. Bellamy's lawyers, should he decide to pursue this, can ask a judge to have the IP Address of the poster released to the courts by the ISP. Now, I'm no lawyer, but that's how I see it. A successful libel case would have to prove 4 things:

1) The statement was false. Check.

2) It caused harm. Check. Mr. Bellamy's character has clearly been wrongly defamed by this false statement. I would not rule out character assassination.

3) The statement was made without an attempt to verify it's truthfulness. Check. There's no proof that it is true, so it would be impossible to prove otherwise.

4) The intent was to do harm with reckless disregard for the truth. Check. What other intent could there be?

Some might say, "Let it go." But my advice is don't. One could infer that this was done to make an example out of Mr. Bellamy, but perhaps he should use this opportunity to flip the script. Mr. Bellamy is clearly going to face negative consequences due to his actions, which he has fully accepted responsibility for, but there should not be, what could appear to, and may very well be, what could be described as a coordinated effort to needlessly add false accusations and defamatory statements on top of the humbling public humiliation he must already feel facing in light of serious charges such as these. The number one reason to sue? To expose this coward.

Restoring the honor!


  1. So you know for a fact that Bellamy has never raped anyone? You've been with him 24 hours a day, every day, since he hit puberty, so you know he never raped anyone?

    Your claim is ludicrous.

    And suddenly false accusations are a bad thing? Your blog is chock full of false accusations done by implication and innuendo.

    You are prone to making all kinds of statement you can't know....

    1. Oh, is that how the law works? We arrest people who haven't even been accused of something and put them in jail for it. Oh, I see. Gotcha.

      I think whoever is responsible for this should delete those pages. You just never know, he may take my advice.

      As for your claim of false accusations, be specific so I can respond, otherwise we will just dismiss this as more of your spit bubble blowing.

    2. Like I thought folks, just blowing bubbles.

  2. https://m.facebook.com/charlottesvilleDTM/posts/1289226501151815

    Folks, it's all starting to unravel. How long will it be before the hacker who claimed to have illegally downloaded 11 gigs of data from Wes Bellamy's computer gets jammed up. Folks, we know who is behind these childish games. How long will it take law enforcement to piece these puzzle wives together?

    Folks, lest we forget, this movement to destroy Bellamy did not start on Thanksgiving.


    Folks, how embarrassing is this all going to be for certain people once these dots are all connected by the appropriate authorities?

  3. What is the definition of "sexual predator" in the Virginia Statutes?

    1. Folks, has anyone else noticed that Connie seems awfully concerned about this?

      What do I care? Go away, you're drunk.

  4. "Folks, lest we forget, this movement to destroy Bellamy did not start on Thanksgiving".
    You still want to defend this piece of crap? Jason/Jacob what the hell is wrong with you/

    1. Yeah. Nice try. No one is defending Bellamy. What he did was unequivocally wrong, that was the first thing I said. That does not mean that there isn't a movement afoot to attempt to destroy his life by a secret cabal of hypocritical cowards, nor does it make Mr. Kessler a moral authority who is off limits to the same kind of scrutiny Mr. Bellamy is being subjected to. After all, it's been reported that Mr. Kessler is contemplating having a go as a City Councilor himself. We also know who is behind this movement (but we're not going to name any names). I'm quite sure that will all come out if this was to make it into a legal arena. That would sure be interesting!

      Just curious Jesse, do you think that people should be put in jail for speech? That's what the post above is advocating. If so, we need to send some LEO's over to pick up the President elect. After all, it's ok for Donald to grab her by the pussy, right? Maybe Donald has something magical going for him that Wes does not? Now, what could it be?

    2. Movement to destroy Bellamy? What, did somebody fake his tweets and post them to his account? You get more delusion with every post, Jacob.

    3. The tweets were published. Bellamy is facing the consequences. He admitted he was wrong and took responsibility like a man. Yet, anonymous blogs calling him a "sexual predator" are unnecessarily published? It's that reason alone I hope he goes after the person or persons behind this effort to inflict additional damage to his character. These shenanigans are unecessary, he's already facing serious consequences for his actions. But folks, we all know what it is the people behind these efforts want. They want their pound of flesh. What's motivating them? We're supposed to believe this is all happening to help the community? Hogwash. No amount of consequences is going to be enough folks.

  5. "Just curious Jesse, do you think that people should be put in jail for speech?" No, I spent 38 years of my life protecting that right.
    Do I think this man is a danger to the community based on his position? Yes, he is a danger if he wish's to espouse those beliefs as a private citizen more power to him.
    Mr Trump has no dog in this fight, I do understand you are devastated that Mr. Trump won and your leftist utopia is falling apart, so all I can say is suck it up buttercup.

    1. 1) If the answer is no, then we are in agreement, so why are you arguing with me? I'm not really sure what your position is here. You agree Bellamy shouldn't be jailed for words, yet attack me for saying Bellamy shouldn't be jailed for words and that it's inappropriate for someone to say that he should. Your logic is a Rubik's cube.

      2) But he did espouse those beliefs as a private citizen. That is his personal Twitter account.

      3) I'm not devastated at all, as a matter of fact, I've said that I accepted the results and have moved on. I don't believe I even said anything really about the loss. Even now, you're the one whose getting excited over it, not me. The election is old news, I'm not talking about it, you are. I think you have me confused with someone else.

      Mr. Trump was used as a comparison, nothing else.

      Based on your responses, I think it's you that is irrational and off base. Not only are you misrepresenting all of my positions, you are projecting and insinuiating that I've said things I haven't said, and have positions I don't have. In a nutshell, you are a typical Right wing Heritage defender, unable to comprehend small words.

      I'm starting to think that you and Connie are engaged in a spit bubble blowing contest.


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