Nazis think I'm sponsored by the SPLC...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Yeah. We've got your number.

Brian Pace and Shaun Winkler at a Klan and Nazi gathering. (Image courtesy of the National Socialist Movement)

Ken Parker. (Image courtesy of the National Socialist Movement)

This is how dumb these KKKlowns are.

(Image courtesy of VK)

Restoring the honor!


  1. Wow...SPLC must be proud...LOL

  2. I've been telling you, they don't appear to be the sharpest knives in the drawer....

    1. Says the mental midget who calls me Jacob because she's too inept to discover who I really am. LOL!

    2. Interesting commentary coming from someone who thinks I'm on someone's payroll. Guess you don't think Hathaway's too bright either, since she says the same thing.

    3. I think you're on the payroll of Arizona State University. You're not?

    4. You're struggling, Chastain. Glad to see you admit that Hathaway's an idiot.

    5. Sorry to see you exhibiting your usual inability to tell the truth. Does that ever bother your conscience?

  3. Poor Chastain. All that wasted effort typing off-topic responses and propaganda that I have to delete. She's going to need extra training I think. She'll get the hang of it one day I hope.

  4. Well, this doesn't give off the "for all Americans" vibe Trump's trying to pass off to the public.


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