May The Farce Be With You: Virginia Flaggers Monument Guards are shown to be a big joke, as multiple Confederate Monuments are defaced while the Flaggers sleep...

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Folks, the Virginia Flaggers want us all to believe that they have people on guard, watching all of these monuments, all of the time. Come on. What do they think? We just fell off the turnip truck yesterday? The Virginia Flaggers are a big joke. The Flaggers are fast asleep every night while the monuments sit unguarded. They send someone by every day or two to take a photo for social media, but go take a drive down there on any given night and see who is standing guard. Nobody. Sure, they'll have someone out there now that this has happened, but give it a week or two, it will go right back to ghost town. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, and the Flaggers were nowhere to be found while these monuments were being vandalized. All smoke and mirrors folks, all smoke and mirrors. The Flaggers should be ashamed of themselves. Via WTVR:

"RICHMOND, Va. -- At least two statues that honor Civil War icons  were defaced on Monument Avenue Thursday morning as protest against newly elected president Donald Trump broke out around Richmond.
Police are looking for the person or people who spray-painted the Jefferson Davis and Matthew Fontaine Maury statues with the words "Your vote was a hate crime."
Davis was the President of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. Maury served in the U.S. Navy, but later joined the Confederacy when the Civil War started. 
The vandalism came the same night as hundreds of people marched through the streets of Richmond, protesting Trump.
City crews were dispatched to clean-up the monument graffiti."

Folks, ask yourself how this could happen if the Virginia Flaggers were doing their jobs?

Restoring the honor!


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